More On the New Server

8 Jun 2004 at 19:19

There are a few remaining problems caused by the move in servers, but for the most part it seems to have been a successful transfer. The known bugs list can be found here. It is very short, mostly because it consists only of those I am aware of. Please add any you may find there.
As included in that topic, commenting doesn’t work on news posts, so don’t bother with this one. We assure you that we are working on this and will have it fixed as soon as possible (well – other people are working on it – I’m just sort of sitting here not knowing how any of this works.)
A number of things posted after the final backup were lost in the move. My apologies to anyone who was affected by this – your content was not deleted on purpose or anything of the sort.
Again, thank you all for your patience. Hopefully the downtime problems will disappear after this move.

- Trafton


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