New JDC season (finally) starting

17 Jun 2004 at 22:50

A new JDC season is slated to begin this Saturday, on the 19th of June. There have been a few changes to the site, as well as the tournament in general. Among the changes are a faster database (so it doesn’t take you forever to submit duels), a files page and a few scoring changes which should make it easier to get points and make it farer. You can read the new information here.
Update: The website is now fully updated for the new season. All accounts have been deactivated. To reactivate your account, you simply have to log in. The system will then add your name to the active users list. You do not have to make a new account. If you forgot your password, please contact me or another JDC admin so we can change it for you. You have to have an active account to participate, so please log in now if you plan on playing in JDC.

- CrazyMike


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