Jazz2Online news for July 2004

Permalink Another JCS Contest and J2I Help July 28th 2004

Source: JCF Thread
BlurredD is having a JCS contest with five different submission types: New Game Mode, 3 Themed Tileset, New Assault Level, New Jailbreak Level, or Picture Edit. The deadline for the contest is August 18th, 11:59PM EST. Visit his thread for complete details on what each submission should include. Happy JCSing!
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After successfully helping TurtleSlayer fix his problem with joining through .j2i files (any online server list script uses this to join servers) he wrote a little tutorial on how to make joining through .j2i files work correctly. If you are unable to load servers directly from places like gip.php read this article.

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Permalink Significant List Server Upgrades, New List Server Program July 7th 2004

Nimrod reports that the Digital Existence Network, which hosts one of the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 listservers, has added improvements including a customized list server application.
Over the last few weeks, Nimrod of the DEN has been upgrading the server that hosts the list servers, and will continue to do so throughout the next week or so. This may cause minor outages in list server connection. The most minor improvements will be better connections and more stability.
The most significant change, launched in a cooperation between Nimrod and Nebula, is the use of new listserver software, written by community member Nebula. The latter completely rewrote the listserver program, the program which takes care that servers can be hosted, and joined using Jazz Jackrabbit. The new listserver, which includes cross-platform ability and stabler mirroring (thus, the list servers will not sporadically fail to talk to each other, making sure that the bug that makes someone’s server not listed occurs less often.)
Although no major improvements will be noticed at first, the new features will eventually allow nearly infinite possibilities, including the adding of more functionality.
Even though the date of the functionality updates has not been decided yet, it is expected within the next two quarters. Any suggestions for possible upgrades should be addressed to Nimrod.
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