Jazz2Online news for April 2004

Permalink Bandwith Exceeded April 29th 2004

If you visited J2O in the last few hours you probably noticed that we exceeded our limit and as a result you couldn’t get to the website. We reached 20 gigabytes (the limit) so the site was put on restraint by the hosting company. I was hoping that we would not hit the limit but it’s no big deal, I’ll just pay a few dollars for extra bandwith for this month (basically just 1 and a half days left).
So, in general if you are able to save some traffic from J2O it would be appreciated. Please don’t download files multiple times for no reason or constantly refresh pages and waste bandwith.

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Permalink Arrrgh April 19th 2004

I’m getting really tired of you people complaining that you can’t play a level if it has a password. Read this article. If you can’t figure that out, run the level using command lines. Or Jazz 2 Organizer. Or hack the level so there’s no password. I don’t care. The link I gave is probably your best option, though.
Edit: Snooz has a nice solution for this, too. Make a blank level. Set the Next Level Setting to the level you downloaded. Save and run. JJNXT.

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Permalink Yet another news post! April 12th 2004

People, be advised that normally, if you agree with one option on the poll you vote only once. That’s what sane people do, anyway.
This means that voting for the same option 97 times, like someone did with the ‘The other ones were better’ option on the bash poll, is not the wisest thing to do. ;-)
Same with voting for “:O” 372 times as someone did on the previous poll.
Consider it a rule that you should vote only once. J2Ov2 will have more protection against abuses like this.
To make this newspost still somewhat interesting, I should report that while the bash is over, an afterparty is going on on jj2 and will yet for a small while. Go out and enjoy yourselves!

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Permalink Bash over April 12th 2004

The anniversary bash has ended. Thank you Nimrod, R3ptile, Shadow and all of the Bash server admins for the very great time you’ve brought us, and of course especially the rest of the community for participating and with your participation bringing everyone of us a great time.
The overabundance of news has been pretty addictive I think, so perhaps we can manage to let it flow a bit longer.
Stories about the bash can be shared in the comments here and in the JCF thread.

Nimrod’s message:
Bash is over guys, and it was Great.
We where lucky enough to have some suprise oldies come back to us, including Onag, Overlord and Spazzyman. People who left the jj2 scene a while back
We managed to get a full server (16 people), and had a great time (and moan about the fact that charactors where lagging all over the place). It was good to see so many jazz’ers coming back to Celebrate 6 years of Jazz 2.
Also, on the note of hosting, theres no way I can take all the Credit for it. I may have provided the Phsyical Resources to host it, But I wasnt there all the time to keep an eye on it, and Admin it. (Infact, i was out all of Friday and half of Saturday). The other admins did a great job of keeping an eye on the server, restarting it when jj2 crashed (or someone crashed it), and keeping order within the server. I owe them a lot, and they put in as much work in as myself.
So i belive a special thank you is in order for FQuist, Monolith, Labratkid, Xtreem and Optic (aka Ninja), and all the others that helped keep order within the Server, and made it a good Bash.
Thanks again guys, and everyone who took part and came along!

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Permalink Laser Shields April 11th 2004

LRK has written up a nice little article on how to lessen your chances of being crashed by laser shields if you have Windows XP. Obviously, it won’t always save you, but hey! It’s an actual article, and that’s becoming rare these days.
Find it here.

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Permalink Bash 6 CTF April 10th 2004

The CTF server for the 6th Anniversary bash is now up. Please download the CTF pack here before playing. The music can be found here.

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Permalink 2nd day of shoutcasting April 10th 2004

After the succes of yesterday. With people like Roaster, Spaztic, Trafton, Haze, DrJones, Paul DM(vivid) on the show we had a great time and so i’ve have decided to continue the support and do more interviews tomorrow.
So at 20:00 CET / 19:00 GMT / 2:00 PM EST we are going to do another show. This show features again Jazz jackrabbit music, costum music, remixes last but not least interviews with people from the community.
Expected people: Roaster, FQuist, Labratkid, Ninja, Nimrod and many many many more
Be there !

(stream url: http://games-2.clanbase.com:8000/listen.pls) />

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Permalink Music April 9th 2004

R3ptile has compiled the music for the Bash 6 battle levels. It can be found here.

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Permalink Six years April 9th 2004

Six years ago today the shareware version of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 was released.
The Jazz2Online staff is happy that the game has lived for so long and wishes Jazz Jackrabbit 2 a happy birthday and of course hopes for many more to come.

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Permalink Anniversary Bash radio April 9th 2004

Shadow is running a special Anniversary Bash radio day and night. To listen use a music player and the following url: http://games-2.clanbase.com:8000/listen.pls.

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Permalink Anniversary Bash number six April 8th 2004

The coming weekend and probably also coming friday we will celebrate the sixth anniversary of the release of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. This we do by organising the annual anniversary bash on JJ2, which will be fun. We hope lots of people will show up who otherwise don’t play. If you have only one moment you can spend playing jj2 in the coming few months, spend it during bash.
There have been quite some communications problems because the organising of the bash has started quite late. The bash will begin in a few hours. It will be there from 0:00 Greenwich Mean Time tonight Thursday 16:00 PDT, 19:00 EDT) to 0:00 Greenwhich Mean Time on sunday evening (Saturday 16:00 PDT, 19:00 EDT) Nimrod will be hosting the servers for us, and a varied number of people will help him moderate.
You can get the levelpacks here. They might still have to be updated. But that’s for later. PLEASE download these if you want to play in the bash, otherwise the load of everyone downloading the levels and tilesets will be too big for the bash server to handle. This is absolutely vital for everything to go well the upcoming three days.
A music pack to go with the bash packs might be released later on.
The thread on the JCF about the bash server can be found here.
Have fun, everybody!
[EDIT] – Fixed a bug in the battle pack. Re-downloading is not very necesarry but could be a good idea.]
The bash is up now. Please do download the packs before playing!
This bash is of course being held thanks to the great efforts of Reptile, who collected the special levelpack for us, and Nimrod, who is hosting the upcoming three days. This should’ve been said so earlier but Author’s mind was occupied with setting the stuff up. Give Nimrod and Reptile a big cheer.
If the server goes down please notify one of the server admins. You can find their names at http://www.jazz2online.com/jcf/showthread.php?p=217699#post217699.

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Permalink R.I.P. Daily Carrot April 4th 2004

As you may already know, the Daily Carrot no longer exists. The DC was the official website for Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2, and while almost everything on it was outdated, JJ2 tells you to go there whenever you have a problem.
This may mean that people are more likely to search for other JJ2 pages when the one suggested doesn’t work, or it may mean the number of newbies we get will decrease. It’s hard to tell. It also may mean that Epic is redoing the site for JJ3. In any case, despite being outdated, the Daily Carrot was a good site, and it’s sad to be seeing it go.
Discussion of this is already going on in this JCF topic.

(Edit: Fixed links.)

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