Jazz2Online news for July 2009

Permalink Important JJ2+ update July 29th 2009

Source: JCF thread

New JJ2+ update. You’ll have to use the Plusifier again. Make sure to read the readme.

Amongst multiple smaller fixes and features, this version fixes the problem of connections timing out after 30 seconds.

Download the new JJ2+ here, and make sure to look at the JJ2+ thread.


Permalink Contest: Revenge of the Single Screen CTF July 28th 2009

I am having the sequel to my last successful contest, the Single screen CTF contest. Have Fun!

Read more about this here

All maps will be hosted on Zeal Beta afterward and the winner will get a permanent place on Zeal Alpha

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Permalink JDC Season 17 Awards July 22nd 2009

Source: JDC

After seven weeks and two days, JDC season 17 has ended. Superjazz won this season, with 2498 points and a considerable lead. See the link for the full list of awards.

Overall it was quite a good season and quite a few people got points.

If you have any feedback on the season, feel free to post it in the news comments!


Permalink New version of J1E July 21st 2009

Source: Downloads

Newspaz has released a new version of his Jazz Jackrabbit 1 editor, J1E. You can find it in the downloads section. A number of bugfixes and improvements have been added to the editor.

It still lacks documentation, but there is a JCF thread where you can ask any questions you have about it.

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Permalink Featured Download July 1st 2009

June 09’s Featured Download
Craig David be with you

Episode Five: The Fortress of Ruin by EvilMike

This month’s featured download goes to the close of EvilMike’s long awaited single player adventure; Episode 5 is now available from J2O! This pack consists of probably the hardest but most entertaining levels that can be found on any game of this genre, and trounces any previous single player epic by a landslide. Furthermore, the screenshots here aren’t even a clear representation of how exhillerating the pack itself actually is, I guess you just have to play it and see.

This is definately a download for the books. Download it now if you have not done so already (and then play it immediately afterwards).

A sub-mention goes to Gus with his newest tileset: Casualty Mines. This tileset boasts great artistic style and is definately different to anything seen on J2O. Take a look.

And finally, J2O now has 5555 uploads. Keep uploading and have fun =)