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Permalink Tagging abuse August 18th 2009

Note: the tagging feature is not for commenting on pictures. Please use the comments section for that. No “nice wig” or “our number one”, etcetera. Additionally, any tags abuse will result in an unlimited ban from tagging.

Edit: Picture tagging privileges are now disabled by default for normal users due to continued abuse ~Stijn


Permalink Two JCS contests August 9th 2009

Which are apparently the polar opposites of themselves…

PurpleJazz is holding a theme and eyecandy contest where the aim is to make creatively and good looking levels. Ragnarok is holding a duel level contest where the focus shifts onto fast and fun gameplay.

The level will be judged based on the creativity of the eyecandy. Gameplay isn’t as important for this contest, however it may be looked at should I have difficulty deciding a winner.

I’m after gameplay, and I’ll likely ignore levels that are totally theme based, unless it’s gameplay theme. In fact, make your level just look good enough to play in, and honestly, that just means no tilebugs.

The deadlines are September 7th and August 22nd, respectively, so go JCS now! And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can enter both contests with the same level ;)


Permalink Contest Judging August 2nd 2009

Go vote for who YOU think should win this contest:

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