Jazz2Online news for September 2004

Permalink Agent Jackrabbit: update it or not? September 29th 2004

One of the most popular Single Player episodes made to date, Agent Jackrabbit, has been re-uploaded by it’s author. The file had been lost, so now it’s finally possible to download it again.

Related to the re-upload, Bartman has this to ask:

I’d like to ask the Jazz community if they would like an updated version of Agent Jackrabbit. Tighten up the levels a little more, give it more items, take off the letterbox view in the regular levels (Dont worry, the cutscene levels keep them anyway) tighten the plot and of course, give Spaz his freedom =P

I already started to update some of the levels in my free time, but I’m just wondering if I should keep at it

Your thoughts?


Permalink Listserver patch for Macintosh September 26th 2004

Dusk has made us a special listserver patch for Jazz2 players on the Apple Macintosh platform. You can download it on the necessary downloads page


Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit 2 at clanbase September 16th 2004

Source: [GPW]Shadow

According to Shadow, Jack Jazzrabbit 2, as a game, has been accepted at Clanbase to have a ladder. This means people will be able to play a competition using clanbase’s very good technology. This is a result of the petition posted by Flash to get us accepted there. Congrats go to Flash, Shadow, and everyone who signed the petition, for getting the game accepted.

The official IRC channel seems to be #clanbase.jj2 at Quakenet.

More news be posted as things develop.


Permalink Old poll closed, new poll born... September 14th 2004

Source: Blackraptor

A new poll has been put up and the current one closed (finally). The final result tally was:

Are you still enjoying Jazz Jackrabbit?

Yes, I still enjoy it a lot – 51 votes (68%)

No, I’ve lost interest in it – 18 votes (24%)

I’ve never enjoyed the game – just the community that surrounds it – 1 vote (1%)

Long live Commander Keen – 5 votes (7%)

Also, once LRK resigned I took his place. ADMIN POWER!!!!


Permalink Jazz2City returns as an archive September 11th 2004

One of JJ2’s most famous sites ever, Jazz 2 City, has returned from being down for years, thanks to Brian. it will continue to remain up, most likely un-updated. Currently, many of the downloads are functional, but not all. Brian is working on restoring the rest of the downloads.


Permalink Art contest over September 4th 2004

DalSpots has won the art contest. Congratulations. In second place is Radium, and in third place is Monolith. I’ll make a trophy of some sort for your sig when I have the time. Thanks to everyone who participated.

This is also my retirement post. I’m no longer a newsposter.


Permalink Back! September 4th 2004

Jazz2Online is back, as you have noticed. We apologise for the inconvenience of being away for more than two weeks. Let us explain what happened.

Around the 18th of August our host had a harddisk failure, completely wiping out their harddisks. It apparently also wiped out their backups, so our site was completely deleted. Bobby however had just made backups a few days ago, so our site was not lost.

Why has it taken so long? Our host took really long to get it’s stuff back together, but also we were looking at our options – what would we do now our site was gone.

We are back now. The domain jazz2online.com will start working again soon, hopefully. In the meantime, a few things have been lost. We have lost 3 days worth of newsposts, articles, downloads, reviews etcetera. It is not a thing we could help. If you recently uploaded your download to the downloads section, you will probably have to reupload the file. Some are missing. We will publish a list later.

Also, a few images are missing. Anything else wrong? Please tell us in the comments.