Agent Jackrabbit: update it or not?

29 Sep 2004 at 01:39

One of the most popular Single Player episodes made to date, Agent Jackrabbit, has been re-uploaded by it’s author. The file had been lost, so now it’s finally possible to download it again.

Related to the re-upload, Bartman has this to ask:

I’d like to ask the Jazz community if they would like an updated version of Agent Jackrabbit. Tighten up the levels a little more, give it more items, take off the letterbox view in the regular levels (Dont worry, the cutscene levels keep them anyway) tighten the plot and of course, give Spaz his freedom =P

I already started to update some of the levels in my free time, but I’m just wondering if I should keep at it

Your thoughts?

- Fquist


Trafton on 29 Sep 2004 at 01:46

I’d love it.

Sacrush on 29 Sep 2004 at 08:14


mirrow on 29 Sep 2004 at 12:36

Definitely. Agent Jackrabbit was one of the few episodes i actually finished. I’d love to see new levels

cooba on 29 Sep 2004 at 13:24

Indeed, Mirrow.

I am strongly with deleting the letterbox. And making Spaz free, of course. ;p

Newspaz on 29 Sep 2004 at 15:26

Don’t do it. It’s a classic! Lets keep it that way.

Ragnarok! on 29 Sep 2004 at 17:26

Go for it!

PHT on 29 Sep 2004 at 18:12

I’d like to see a new version, but if you do so make some new levels! :D (of course you don’t have to remake the hole pack, but some new levels between the old >updated< ones would be fine).

Bartman on 30 Sep 2004 at 01:15

After much fiddling, I decided to go for an update to Agent Jackrabbit.

Since level sizes are virutally nothing, Agent Jackrabbit DX will come included with the letterbox still intact and levels without it (Not including cutscene levels, of course)

Here are a couple of teaser shots. Both shots are from Get Disked Part 2. The first one is the boss I replaced, and the second shot is near the beginning. I’ll do comparisson shots later.

BlackRabite on 2 Oct 2004 at 19:42

Something’s wrong, when you complete level 15, says it can’t find level 16.

ÄÉæÛÕ on 14 Oct 2004 at 21:37

I vote Yes.

Anubis on 21 Oct 2004 at 13:44

Update it plz or get banned from J2O. :P

cooba on 25 Oct 2004 at 14:47

I believe you cannot ban.

badger on 29 Oct 2004 at 12:19

i like agent jackrabbit and feel an update might make it better.

Cobra NF on 26 Sep 2009 at 00:31

what is agent jackrabbit???

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