Jazz2Online news for October 2004

Permalink New poll and poll results October 22nd 2004

Some surprising (to me) results in our last poll, on when people got their Jazz Jackrabbit 2. A sizable majority of the 130 respondants (That’s little compared to what we usually get. Vote, you all!) got the game either in 1998 or 1999. Only a small percentage in the later years. This poll would have been more interesting had more people voted.

When did you get jj2?

1998 – 68 Votes (51.91%)

1999 – 23 Votes (17.56%)

2000 – 11 Votes (8.4%)

2001 – 9 Votes (6.87%)

2002 – 0 Votes (0%)

2003 – 4 Votes (3.05%)

2004 – 10 Votes (7.63%)

I never acquired a copy of jj2. – 0 Votes (0%) [I had at least expected a few votes there. where are you, rebels?]

I enjoy….. – 6 Votes (4.58%) [Lots of Danyjel influence]

The new poll is about your opinion of the new version of this site – you know, the complete redesign and recoding we did, remaking the entire site from scratch. What do you think of it? Better than the old one? Good at all? Make us feel appreciated – or bad – and vote!


Permalink Listserver updates October 22nd 2004

Source: JCF Thread

An update from Nimrod about the list server, which’s software has been updated by Nebula (posted to the news a little late):

The European List Server was updated to a new build of Nebulas Java List Server.

New Features: Automatic Removal of Pinging Servers.
Every 300 seconds (5 minutes) the list server will check your game is still active, if it is it will remain on the List, If it is not it will automatically delist it.
This will ineffect also blocking people using programs like JazzForce to host perm. pinging servers.
Providing you have a JJ2 game up, you can still use JazzForce thou.

Now the list server can deal with pinging servers itself, it should make admins jobs a lot easier, just wanted to thank Monolith for his great work in removing pinging servers when I wasnt around, and for anyone else who helped out in reporting

Currently, the American list server is still having some diffculty, and isnt working in partnership with the other list servers, as a temp measure, you can remove the american list server from your Jazz 2 by applying the patches at:
Once its back, you can just apply the original patch and it will remove this one.

We will continue to use the European List Server as a testing grounds for Nebulas great new list server, once we are 100% happy with it, we will upgrade the American List Server to take advantage of the great new features of Nebulas List Server application.

While your here, I think you should know about the work Nebula has put into this. Hes put hours and hours (and days) into coding a List Server Application, with no help from Epic or Orange Games. Thanks Nebula, your a great community member Hopefully his program will help keep JJ2 Multiplayer Alive.

Happy Jazz’ing!

Permalink Just a Reminder October 5th 2004

When giving a review rating, remember that it’s not based on whether you agree with the review, but whether you find the review well-written.

Certain people have been downrating perfectly good reviews just because they disagree on the rating. Don’t do this.


UPDATE: Oh, and please don’t rate comments with N/A. You can rate reviews with N/A, but not comments. And NEVER rate a review just so you will get a featured spot.