Jazz2Online news for November 2004

Permalink DM Wins JJ2WC November 20th 2004

The Dark Mercenaries (DM) took first place playing a very close match against the Fellowship of the Ring (FoR). Two rounds were played, both in BloodBunny’s Lair. Round 1 went to DM 8-4; round 2 was won by FoR 10-8. Scores added together gives DM a 16-14 win. Congratulations to FoR for an excellent match and second place.
Stay tuned for the video replays to be posted by Spotty later.

I, on behalf of the J2O crew, would like to thank R3ptile and his crew for succesfully organising the tourney and making it fun. It’s not an easy thing to do in this community, and R3ptile succesfully did it. Can we post some praise for him in the comments? Also, the video replay of the highlights of the match can now be found here. -FQuist

Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit music remixes November 14th 2004

Source: Haze

Haze again comes up with very interesting news. There has been a remix competition at a non-jazz site for the Tubeelectric music from Jazz Jackrabbit. You can find Haze’s newspost here. I’m not linking to it directly so that Haze gets some more visitors, since he has a great site.

The remixes vary from the terrible to the great, and from jazz to ambient. The “MC Jazzer” remix you can download by going through the above link shows how far you can go with remixes. Its creator took the song and didn’t just tweak the samples and throw some things around, but he created something out of it that sounds totally different. It differs from the usual remixes you can find in the community, while it was made in just a few hours. May those remixes be a good listen, and inspire some people to make their own jazz remixes (or better ones).

Remember to check out the remix packs Tasteless and co made JazzJackrabbit music, too. For more remix goodness, check out J2O’s music category.

On a side note: are there any other people who have the idea that some of the notes in the “Psionix” remix sound very much like one of the remixes from the breakbeat group Hybrid? It sounds very much like something I’ve heard before. Possibly it was in Hybrid’s remix of Filter’s “Take a Picture”. Part of it also sounds a lot like a pattern in ElectroPiZZa’s Artificial Sun mod


Permalink JJ2WC Third Place Match November 13th 2004

Source: JJ2WC

JJ2WC finished the third place match featuring TF (Total Freaks) vs. GpW (Gurus of Proactive Warfare). Taking a strong lead in the first round GpW won 4-1. The next round TF was in the lead for much of the game but ended up losing the second round as well 5-4. GpW and TF therefore take third place and fourth place respectively. Congratulations to both teams for making it this far in the tournament. More news and updates as well as clips from the match can be found on JJ2WC soon.

Stay tuned for next week features the final matchup of DM (Dark Mercenaries) vs. FoR (Fellowship of the Ring) in BloodBunny’s Lair.


Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit World Championships Continues November 7th 2004

Source: www.jj2wc.tk

The JJ2 World Championships (clan elimination style tournament) continued successfully today with semifinal rounds in stripe’s Happy Semiconductor CTF.
The first match of the day featured the Dark Mercenaries (DM) and Total Freaks (TF). The match was very close with DM winning both rounds and getting placement in the finals, two weeks from today.
The other semifinal match featured the Gurus of Proactive Warfare (GpW) vs Fellowship of the Ring (FoR). The first round of this match ended up a tie but in the second round FoR managed to pull ahead and win.
Next week, TF will play GpW for third place. The week after that, FoR will play DM for the final match.
Remember to play your JJ2! ;)