Jazz Jackrabbit World Championships Continues

7 Nov 2004 at 03:09

The JJ2 World Championships (clan elimination style tournament) continued successfully today with semifinal rounds in stripe’s Happy Semiconductor CTF.
The first match of the day featured the Dark Mercenaries (DM) and Total Freaks (TF). The match was very close with DM winning both rounds and getting placement in the finals, two weeks from today.
The other semifinal match featured the Gurus of Proactive Warfare (GpW) vs Fellowship of the Ring (FoR). The first round of this match ended up a tie but in the second round FoR managed to pull ahead and win.
Next week, TF will play GpW for third place. The week after that, FoR will play DM for the final match.
Remember to play your JJ2! ;)

- Bobby aka Dizzy


Newspaz on 7 Nov 2004 at 03:38

Aha! DM member! He DOES post when DM wins ;) j/k

Violet CLM on 7 Nov 2004 at 09:03

Ah, yes, news. News about the Friends of the Ring. Good stuff.

cooba on 7 Nov 2004 at 10:46


Disguise on 7 Nov 2004 at 12:06

I thought the F was for fellowship ;b

spejsboi on 7 Nov 2004 at 12:11

*Fellowship of the Ring and Gurus of Proactive Warfare.
Close enough though. ^^

Enigma on 7 Nov 2004 at 12:34

Too much credit. We only scored 3 points in the first round. DM was being most fiendish, tricking us into thinking we had a chance, then cleaning our clock in the last two minutes of each round =D Nice game nevertheless though. Good luck to DM and FoR in the finals =)

Bobby aka Dizzy on 7 Nov 2004 at 15:59

Yeah yeah gimme a break. ;)

CraccoBoy on 7 Nov 2004 at 21:19


Don’t make me laugh,
a tournament with technical
losses, clans dying in the middle of it and rules being changed in the middle of the tourny etc is not succesful imo.

shrugs _

Stilettø on 7 Nov 2004 at 22:01

clans dieing had nothing to do with this tour, gj rep!

TF lost to DM ? muwahaha noobs !

Ñîçk ÐR on 8 Nov 2004 at 00:29

I hope DM wins it all

SkulL on 8 Nov 2004 at 05:22

I don’t think so nickDR. :)

spejsboi on 8 Nov 2004 at 12:45

dt! was out before we died. Hehe. ^^

There were only two technical losses, but they didn’t change the rankings or something.

Unhit on 8 Nov 2004 at 19:00

Stil newp :]

Sasik on 8 Nov 2004 at 21:01

Maybe the organisation of JJ2WC wasn’t the best, but it was much better than in other clan tournaments, for example like in TGC ;D

I think the next edition should be in the spring =)

Also CB, you should stop complaining about tournament, in which you even don’t play… I know, that it is hard to organize good tournament, and R3ptile did it quite well.

In my opinion DM should beat FoR, and win the whole cup ;p
TF will be third ;o

White Rabbit on 9 Nov 2004 at 17:28

Stiletto, you’re also in TF. :P

SkulL on 10 Nov 2004 at 22:17

sry DM we won’t let you win this so easily without a good fight :)

Stilettø on 11 Nov 2004 at 12:21

yeah, but i didnt play so i can call you noobs X_D

White Rabbit on 13 Nov 2004 at 20:04

The warteam consisting of Unhit, Enigma and Thunder put up a darn good fight, especially in the very laggy first round, but we lost the second round 4-5 and thus lost the whole match and the 3rd place of JJ2WC. WELL DONE TO TF AND well done to GpW (hint: the answer lies in the CAPS).

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