Jazz Jackrabbit 2 at clanbase

16 Sep 2004 at 23:40

According to Shadow, Jack Jazzrabbit 2, as a game, has been accepted at Clanbase to have a ladder. This means people will be able to play a competition using clanbase’s very good technology. This is a result of the petition posted by Flash to get us accepted there. Congrats go to Flash, Shadow, and everyone who signed the petition, for getting the game accepted.

The official IRC channel seems to be #clanbase.jj2 at Quakenet.

More news be posted as things develop.

- Fquist


Violet CLM on 17 Sep 2004 at 00:23

Jack Jazzrabbit?

Tik on 17 Sep 2004 at 01:39

IRQ channel! Quisty pulled a Tublear ;)

spejsboi on 17 Sep 2004 at 08:24

And myself, who actually suggested this.


Stijn on 17 Sep 2004 at 08:56

Have fun playing there. I can’t do it =))

Superjazz on 17 Sep 2004 at 10:00


DanYjel on 17 Sep 2004 at 11:37

ya? jack jazzrabbit?

snzspeed on 17 Sep 2004 at 13:38

haha, yay. 8D

Sasik on 17 Sep 2004 at 14:56


cooba on 17 Sep 2004 at 15:01

I wish the ladder was added to the ‘Ladders’ bar on Clanbase.

Sasik, if you can’t post properly, just don’t.

spejsboi on 17 Sep 2004 at 16:31

The ladder hasn’t begun yet, be patience.

STEELIX on 17 Sep 2004 at 17:22


ÄÉæÛÕ on 18 Sep 2004 at 19:41

I signed the petition a while ago, but it doesnt appear to have shown up.

Odin314 on 19 Sep 2004 at 19:24

‘The ladder hasn’t begun yet, be patience.’

How can one be patience? One can be patient, but one cannot be patience.

Oh, and w00t, I guess.

FireSworD on 19 Sep 2004 at 19:48

Once the ladder starts, it should be fun for a while then I bet it will die down soon after. We’ll see.

spejsboi on 20 Sep 2004 at 14:55

Clanbase’s ladders don’t really die.

FQuist on 20 Sep 2004 at 17:05

They can become inactive..

spejsboi on 20 Sep 2004 at 20:39

The 1on1 ladder won’t die, I don’t know about the other ladders…

Sasik on 20 Sep 2004 at 20:46

Geez…It haven’t started yet, but you are talking when JJ2 Ladder will die…
Try to think more optimistic ;p

Mercurio on 21 Sep 2004 at 21:42

Hey as long as you stay warring the ladder wont die ;)

Luciyfer on 7 Feb 2007 at 01:48

Hi.. i have some problems with jazz2..
when i try to play jazz2 in online..the conection in not longer than 3mins. and appear the next text:
Red Error
Please check www.jazzjackrabbit.com

why appear this?

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