Jazz2City returns as an archive

11 Sep 2004 at 23:26

One of JJ2’s most famous sites ever, Jazz 2 City, has returned from being down for years, thanks to Brian. it will continue to remain up, most likely un-updated. Currently, many of the downloads are functional, but not all. Brian is working on restoring the rest of the downloads.

- Genotoxin aka iCeD


Lark on 12 Sep 2004 at 04:53

Somewhat old news, but still awesome.

American on 12 Sep 2004 at 06:19

Adding this to revert an error.

Iam Canadian on 12 Sep 2004 at 07:14

That would explain why the downloads section is from such an early date. So we can assume the downloads will be brought up to “date”? (That is, what it had before J2C went kablooie?)

Cazz NP on 12 Sep 2004 at 14:01

Un-Updated? That stinks. I wanted to upload some stuff. Why not appoint people to the updating?

cooba on 12 Sep 2004 at 14:05

The only way to upload was to send a mail to Wakeman. ;o

Cazz NP on 12 Sep 2004 at 23:26

Then appoint people to take e-mails.

Monolith on 13 Sep 2004 at 02:00

Brian is the only J2C admin right now. If you want something done with the site, talk to him. But I am very sure he’s not going to assign a new staff or add anything new (besides more archived content) himself.

Cazz NP on 13 Sep 2004 at 22:00

Well, that stinks. If only someone could volunteer.

Tik on 13 Sep 2004 at 22:12

There is no point to making J2C active again. Let it rest in peace as an archive.

Electric Ir on 13 Sep 2004 at 22:14

Reviving J2C as an active site will destroy its value as a legendary archive and JJ2 website.

luke11685 on 12 May 2018 at 18:01

It seems this website is now permamently closed even if it’s archived since 2014 and I don’t know(it’s unknown to me)when this old website was deleted.Currently this website connection is unreachable for this moment.It seems jazz2online replaced jazz2city,right?

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