Jazz2Online news for September 2005

Quick news bit:

You can now find a latest encyclopedia updates panel in your Adjust Panels screen. Fquist

Permalink J2B Figured Out September 13th 2005

Dr. Eggman has posted an article describing how to decompile .j2b files (Jazz2‘s unique music format). This includes C++ sourcecode, therefore it is highly technical. There isn’t any method to convert the decompiled data to another tracker format just yet.

You can comment in the article itself or discuss it in this JCF thread.

(This is the worst place to comment. ~Violet)


Permalink New Poll September 6th 2005

It suddenly occured to me that I was trying to have polls be a monthly thing. Only overshot by a few days. Here’s the results for last time around:

Who would you most like to see star in their own game?

Spaz Jackrabbit – 34 Votes (29%)

Lori Jackrabbit – 7 Votes (6%)

Eva Earlong – 10 Votes (9%)

Zoe Cottontail – 1 Votes (1%)

Devan Shell – 15 Votes (13%)

Razz a ma Tazz – 9 Votes (8%)

Bilsy – 1 Votes (1%)

Zoonik the Hedgehog – 6 Votes (5%)

Trafton – 30 Votes (26%)

(Other) – 3 Votes (3%)

Total votes: 116

As some of us might have expected, Spaz won, followed by Devan Shell and Eva Earlong. Looks like the old characters are the favorites. I do find myself wondering who the three “Other” votes were for.

A new poll is up already. I have a feeling the last option will win, though.


Permalink Featured download September 3rd 2005

This month’s featured download is Coral Coves by FireSworD. Crysilis World by Dr. Eggman and Toxic and Lavapolis by NOKA also came close to getting the feature, so you might want to give those a download as well.

Treasure hunt is a well-liked gametype that lacks lots of good levels as opposed to CTF and battle. Coral Coves might be the best treasure hunt level I have ever played. It takes place in a series of underwater maze-liked tunnels filled with tons of gems, enough to make this level work well even with 16 players. There aren’t just gems here, though. You’ll have to avoid enemies while collecting gems. If you get hurt by one, you won’t be able to collect gems temporarilly. Of course, if you don’t want there to be enemies, you can host the lite version, but what fun is that?

As you can see from the screenshot included, the eyecandy here is great. There isn’t a dull place in the level.

If you like treasure hunt, you should definitely download this. If you don’t like treasure hunt, you should probably download it anyway, because you might start liking it after you play this level.