Jazz2Online news for October 2005

Permalink JDC season 11 awards (finally) posted October 30th 2005

Source: JDC

It took a while, but the awards for season 11 are finally here. Vegito won the season, with 1296 points. I also posted my thoughts on some of the stuff that happened this season.

I’m aware that there was a fair amount of drama surrounding some users this season. Please keep that out of the comments for this news post, and the one on the JDC site. I will be monitoring the comments to make sure nothing gets out of hand.


Permalink Jazz2Paradise is up October 14th 2005

I already noticed anybody that I was making a new JJ2 site. And now there are some things online! There is a little news thingy, an index page, and some other unfinished stuff. It also has a forum. Note that it is still in a huge developement state. Now go and view Jazz2Paradise!

Go here: http://www.jazz2paradise.com

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Permalink Featured downloads. October 8th 2005

I am writing this newspost to say that I am not going to do any more monthly featured downloads until you guys start uploading good stuff again. Sure, I like a vacation, but come on guys, making levels is fun. Give me some work to do.

I hope to see some good stuff in October… ;)


Permalink Another month over October 1st 2005

I seem to have taken over the poll feature. Here’s last month’s results:

Favorite Jazz Jackrabbit Advance Planet?

Chameleon World – 11 Votes (11%)

Carrotopolis – 8 Votes (8%)

Icebox 3 – 14 Votes (14%)

Pollutus – 8 Votes (8%)

Chelonia IV – 5 Votes (5%)

I know nothing about JJA. – 51 Votes (53%)

Total votes: 97

Not as bad as I thought, but still the majority of voters know nothing about JJA. It is not too hard to change this. Do a little searching, find a cheap copy of JJA, find a cheap gameboy advance if you need to. I did.
Aside from 53% of us, it looks like Icebox 3 got the most votes. I personally found that planet bland and uninteresting, but I guess people have different tastes.

New poll up. Again.