Jazz2Online news for October 2005

Permalink JDC season 11 awards (finally) posted October 30th 2005

Source: JDC

It took a while, but the awards for season 11 are finally here. Vegito won the season, with 1296 points. I also posted my thoughts on some of the stuff that happened this season.

I’m aware that there was a fair amount of drama surrounding some users this season. Please keep that out of the comments for this news post, and the one on the JDC site. I will be monitoring the comments to make sure nothing gets out of hand.


Permalink Jazz2Paradise is up October 14th 2005

I already noticed anybody that I was making a new JJ2 site. And now there are some things online! There is a little news thingy, an index page, and some other unfinished stuff. It also has a forum. Note that it is still in a huge developement state. Now go and view Jazz2Paradise!

Go here: http://www.jazz2paradise.com

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Permalink Featured downloads. October 8th 2005

I am writing this newspost to say that I am not going to do any more monthly featured downloads until you guys start uploading good stuff again. Sure, I like a vacation, but come on guys, making levels is fun. Give me some work to do.

I hope to see some good stuff in October… ;)


Permalink Another month over October 1st 2005

I seem to have taken over the poll feature. Here’s last month’s results:

Favorite Jazz Jackrabbit Advance Planet?

Chameleon World – 11 Votes (11%)

Carrotopolis – 8 Votes (8%)

Icebox 3 – 14 Votes (14%)

Pollutus – 8 Votes (8%)

Chelonia IV – 5 Votes (5%)

I know nothing about JJA. – 51 Votes (53%)

Total votes: 97

Not as bad as I thought, but still the majority of voters know nothing about JJA. It is not too hard to change this. Do a little searching, find a cheap copy of JJA, find a cheap gameboy advance if you need to. I did.
Aside from 53% of us, it looks like Icebox 3 got the most votes. I personally found that planet bland and uninteresting, but I guess people have different tastes.

New poll up. Again.


Permalink Lori Central October 1st 2005

It could’ve been posted in the other post, but wanted to give it some attention of its own. It’s probable that Lori Central returns soon, according to DrJones.

The site’s frontpage announcement has been changed accordingly, from the old notice about moving to a new domain it has been having for months, to a “Lori Central has almost returned, stay tuned!” notice.

Lori Central has always been one of the better sites, with all its Lori fan art and news. Its return, as an archive at the least, would be nice to see.

See also the encyclopedia entry on Lori Central.


Permalink Console Questions, Rabbitjournal, Hoaxes October 1st 2005

Over at the JCF, Veteran JJ2 Utility coder Overlord is asking for input on how to best design a console language for Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Having a console program for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 would definitely make multiplayer Jazz more livable. Your input is valued.

In the Jazz2Online section nobody reads and nobody uses (besides the encyclopedia), RabbitJournal, there’s been some actual action in the form of new posts (that is, non-“Hello!” posts). None are deeply interesting yet, but maybe if I nag people at the frontpage to post things there and to use it, it will pick up some more steam. Probably, adding comments functionality would do more for the journal’s activity, so I’ll hope I or somebody else gets around to adding it.

Slaz’s announcement about his new site is exactly the kind of thing it was made for. If you have news of the type that is generally not posted to the frontpage, like site news, or news about new levelpacks, things of that sort, do post it there. As you can see, it may actually be picked up in news posts at the frontpage, for additional publicity.

Also, the interesting hoaxes topic on the JCF, in which people post fabricated screenshots of the game, is growing more active again, with some interesting shots being posted.

Trivial all, but this is better than no news.