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1 Oct 2005 at 01:14

It could’ve been posted in the other post, but wanted to give it some attention of its own. It’s probable that Lori Central returns soon, according to DrJones.

The site’s frontpage announcement has been changed accordingly, from the old notice about moving to a new domain it has been having for months, to a “Lori Central has almost returned, stay tuned!” notice.

Lori Central has always been one of the better sites, with all its Lori fan art and news. Its return, as an archive at the least, would be nice to see.

See also the encyclopedia entry on Lori Central.

- Fquist


Gizmaluke on 1 Oct 2005 at 07:00


Slaz on 1 Oct 2005 at 08:14

Like I ever said on the JCF: Lori Central was one of the first sites I ever visited on the internet. So it’s logical that I’m happy if it’s return is true. You know it is boring to look at a running Lori for months. So all concratulate Jonesy!

DoubleGJ on 1 Oct 2005 at 09:00


The bad side is I’ll see my friggin’ old pictures when it’ll be up. =P

Violet CLM on 1 Oct 2005 at 10:23

Heh, noticed that a few days ago. Didn’t think of mentioning it.

PakoMegaN00b on 1 Oct 2005 at 17:24

[HAPPY]YAAY! that wonderful site up again![/HAPPY]

FQuist on 1 Oct 2005 at 19:17

I was told by DrJones a while ago about the impending revival. The different message on the domain triggered this post.

White Rabbit on 3 Oct 2005 at 13:51

Will the ‘un-used TSF sounds’ be uploaded after the revival?

NovaStar on 21 Oct 2005 at 09:53

I don’t even have TSF, don’t ask me!
sobs no TSF

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