Jazz2Online news for August 2005

Permalink Reminder against JJ2 attacks August 31st 2005

A reminder: for the latest info on how to secure yourself against attacks in Jazz Jackrabbit 2, you should read the Games in Progress Message of the Day.


Permalink JDC Season 11 August 27th 2005

Source: JDC

Season 11 of JDC is beginning on Monday. The opening event is scheduled for 5:00 PM PST, 8:00 EST. The European opening event remains to be announced. The JDC events page contains more info.

In the next few days, the changes made to the site will be carried over to the main /jdc directory. The improvements we made this season are small, but should improve things substantially. They will be detailed later in a JDC news post.

BREAKING NEWS: The season has started. See JDC site for more details. I’d also like to point out that the JDC latest headlines panel actually works now, so if you want to see if there is new JDC news without checking JDC itself, go here and activate it.


Permalink Recorded CliffyB interview August 21st 2005

All those of you who missed the CliffyB interview yesterday can now listen to it here, with or without the non-Jazz related conversation. Thanks to Skeven for recording and Sparky for hosting.


Permalink Last call for meeting August 20th 2005

A last-minute call about the international meeting tomorrow in the Netherlands. The start of the meeting will be at 12 o’clock on the train station in Harderwijk. The organisers (Esmeralda and JelZe) will wait there for the people who’ve announced they’ll come. If you want to come to the meeting but haven’t yet made that clear, you should do so by posting in the official meeting topic.

People who come by bus instead of train should go to Walibi World straight away, and inform Jelle/Esme beforehand so that they won’t have to wait for them at the station.

For the latest details all the time, do refer to the meeting thread.

See you tomorrow!


Permalink Cliff Bleszinski on ITG radio. August 18th 2005

Source: ShadowGPW

The show is up now. Listen. Someone record it!

To the people visiting from the radio show: Hello! This game is still alive. Want to find out how to play online? Check out our Party Mode section. Want to find a place to buy the game? You could try here. You can also explore our site, register so you can contribute, download nice new episodes or levels, or check the current online games. If you need more help getting started, you can check our forums or visit the #jj2 channel at Quakenet.

Thank you, djWHEAT, for the plug and very nice comments about our site and the community.

- FQuist

I know this is short notice and all but Cliff will appear on another online radio show (ITG) tomorrow. At least, that’s what this article Shadow just sent me says. There’s also a link on that page that sends you to a forum topic in which you can suggest questions.

As far as I know the show will not be downloadable after they have broadcast it, so you might want to record it.


Permalink JDC Final Event August 15th 2005

Season 10 of JDC officially wraps up today (Monday), with the final event. It will be hosted twice, one for Europe and one for North America. Despite this, you may attend either one as long as you have a JDC account, but you may not attend both. The exact times of the event can be found here.

By the looks of it, the winner of this season may be determined by this event. It’s most likely going to be a full server for both games, so be sure to get there early.


Quick news bit:

JCSref is having auditions for new article writers. For more information, see this JCF thread. Violet CLM

Permalink Jazz 2 Network Filter August 4th 2005

Source: http://www.nimmy-online.com/jj2networkfilter

Nimrod and Overlord have created a few very useful filters for the application Windows Packet Editor. With this tool you can identify bad information before JJ2 gets ahold of it; essentially protecting JJ2 from some of the most viscious attack that occur once in a while.

Even more interesting, this tool will help you create your own filters, potentially your own gametypes with a fair bit of work.

For more information go to the JJ2 Network Filter website.


Permalink Poll Results - Alternate Jazzes August 2nd 2005

Well, nobody else was doing it. Here are the results for the march poll.

If Jazz were to be an animal other than a rabbit, which animal should he be?

A duck – 28 Votes (11%)

A chicken – 23 Votes (9%)

A lizard – 41 Votes (16%)

A microbe – 8 Votes (3%)

A snake – 12 Votes (5%)

A robot squirrel – 48 Votes (19%)

A parrot – 13 Votes (5%)

Trafton – 38 Votes (15%)

:-) – 42 Votes (17%)

Total votes: 253

As you can see, the most popular alternate form for Jazz (rabbit was not included, so we don’t know if it would have been a better choice or not) is Robot Squirrel. Those who who are interested in Robots may want to check out the Megaman series. Those who are interested in Squirrels may want to check out the Skunny series. Those who are interested in Robot Squirrels are free to make their own series.
(J2O does not specifically endorse any series featuring Robot Squirrels.)

I also added a new poll. Maybe if we’re lucky it’ll only last a month or so.


Permalink G4tv.com Interview with CliffyB Yields New Information about a Conceptual Jazz Jackrabbit 3 August 2nd 2005

Source: G4tv.com Interview

G4tv.com recently aired an interview with Cliff Bleszinski, Jazz Jackrabbit 2’s co-producer and Epic Games’s lead designer. Near the end of the interview, Cliff answered viewers’ questions. A viewer named Shan D asked, “Where is my Jazz Jackrabbit 3?”

In response, Cliff stated that Jazz actually had a new pitch which was presented to his team members. After a while, however, talk about this new concept for Jazz Jackrabbit died down within the company.

However, Cliff says that he really wants this to happen, and the G4tv.com hosts agree.

To listen to the full interview and learn more about the new pitch, you can visit G4tv.com and click the link to download the full audio clip of the interview.

New: Spaztic has posted the relevant part of the interview for quicker access here.

You can also discuss Cliff’s response in this JCF thread.


Permalink Let's Make A Tileset! August 1st 2005

Source: JCF Thread

Yours Truly is using the J2O news to announce his latest project of awesomeness! We as the community are going to make a tileset together. Currently it looks something like this:

As time goes on, that tileset is going to get bigger and bigger. Go to this JCF thread for more information on how you can help create this community tileset.

- Violet CLM No Comments - Post Comment

Permalink Featured download August 1st 2005


This month’s featured download is Pinball Arena 2K5 by Blackraptor. I already reviewed this, but just because I’m so dedicated to my once-a-month job I’m going to write another review for this newspost.

This medium / small CTF level revolutionizes the use of pinball events in JJ2. It gives you the feeling like you’re actually on a pinball table, but is presented in such a way that it’s just as much of a CTF level at the same time, which means it has plenty of ‘personality,’ for lack of a better word.

The eyecandy is very creative. Background objects are used in the sprite layer to show Tubelectric in a whole new way. Overall, this level is very fun to play, and is probably the best CTF level I’ve seen in a while.

On a closing note, you should also really consider downloading Team Foo Races by Spotty. This level pack came close to getting the feature.

*That’s not really Blacky. He wasn’t around when I took the screenshot, so I geniously disguised myself.