Recorded CliffyB interview

21 Aug 2005 at 00:26

All those of you who missed the CliffyB interview yesterday can now listen to it here, with or without the non-Jazz related conversation. Thanks to Skeven for recording and Sparky for hosting.

- Violet CLM


Sacrush on 22 Aug 2005 at 20:14


Nimrod on 23 Aug 2005 at 02:18

(Personal attack removal. Watch it. ~Violet)

Crono on 23 Aug 2005 at 02:42

I have to agree.

Mercurio on 23 Aug 2005 at 08:55

Let’s dig up Jimmy Hoffa!

Odin314 on 23 Aug 2005 at 11:32

What’d Sparky do?

Sk8terboy on 24 Aug 2005 at 04:46

(AR) Anyways im removing the files due to how much bandwith its used and also because people wont save them they’d just keep on listening to them and waste more bandwith… well Im sure they can find a copy from someone on JCF cause im done with it…
(Angry response removal. ~Violet)

Crono on 24 Aug 2005 at 10:16

What’d Sparky do?

Why don’t you go and talk to him? :P

Odin314 on 24 Aug 2005 at 18:31

No, I want to find out from you guys.

n00b on 24 Aug 2005 at 23:26

I have a copy saved on my computer luckily, however I will not give it to you people. Shame on you morons dopedishes(Yay Shaney!) for not thinking about bandwith.

Jerrythabest on 28 Aug 2005 at 11:13

Do we have kind members that give it to me? I can host it!

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