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1 Aug 2005 at 03:07


This month’s featured download is Pinball Arena 2K5 by Blackraptor. I already reviewed this, but just because I’m so dedicated to my once-a-month job I’m going to write another review for this newspost.

This medium / small CTF level revolutionizes the use of pinball events in JJ2. It gives you the feeling like you’re actually on a pinball table, but is presented in such a way that it’s just as much of a CTF level at the same time, which means it has plenty of ‘personality,’ for lack of a better word.

The eyecandy is very creative. Background objects are used in the sprite layer to show Tubelectric in a whole new way. Overall, this level is very fun to play, and is probably the best CTF level I’ve seen in a while.

On a closing note, you should also really consider downloading Team Foo Races by Spotty. This level pack came close to getting the feature.

*That’s not really Blacky. He wasn’t around when I took the screenshot, so I geniously disguised myself.

- Labratkid


Lark on 1 Aug 2005 at 03:12

I forgot to add, I didn’t make this review all that long because I already wrote a review for it. The short length was not on account of the lazyness you would expect from me.

Violet CLM on 1 Aug 2005 at 08:10

Blacky hasn’t been around lately. :(

Niels aka ChippieBW on 1 Aug 2005 at 10:58

So, what happened to the featured upload of June?

cooba on 1 Aug 2005 at 11:04

LarK// says:
I’m on vacation or however Frank calls it ;o
LarK// says:
nothing good enough was uploaded in june.

Lark` :::::: says:
the xlm pack was so full of bad levels that it didn’t win even without any competition

DarkSonic on 1 Aug 2005 at 12:54

I expected this featured download. Well chosen. ;p

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