JDC Final Event

15 Aug 2005 at 07:49

Season 10 of JDC officially wraps up today (Monday), with the final event. It will be hosted twice, one for Europe and one for North America. Despite this, you may attend either one as long as you have a JDC account, but you may not attend both. The exact times of the event can be found here.

By the looks of it, the winner of this season may be determined by this event. It’s most likely going to be a full server for both games, so be sure to get there early.

- EvilMike


White Rabbit on 15 Aug 2005 at 15:11

This comment is just here to get other people commenting. ;-) is excited

Odin314 on 15 Aug 2005 at 22:01

For Daylight Savings Time users, this event will take place at 8 PM EDT. But you already knew that.

Bobby aka Dizzy on 16 Aug 2005 at 01:09

That is not correct, Odin. It is taking place at 9PM EDT.

Odin314 on 16 Aug 2005 at 01:30

Incorrect. The event is taking place at 9:00 GMT -5. GMT does not use DST.

Vegito on 16 Aug 2005 at 14:27

I live at GMT + 2, if the event started at 9:00PM GMT -5, uh.. it started at 3 my time..
which is correct…

Im not sure, but I think odin was right then ;-P

Bobby aka Dizzy on 16 Aug 2005 at 14:53

If you look at JDC all event times are in GDT. (I should note that I did all of the timezone code and such so I know what’s what.)

Vegito on 17 Aug 2005 at 00:09

heh, you win. GG, i submit. .

White Rabbit on 19 Aug 2005 at 18:29

And of course congrats to Blacky for winning JDC. :-P

Stijn on 29 Aug 2005 at 17:17

srry test

White Rabbit on 5 Sep 2005 at 09:42


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