Jazz 2 Network Filter

4 Aug 2005 at 02:22

Nimrod and Overlord have created a few very useful filters for the application Windows Packet Editor. With this tool you can identify bad information before JJ2 gets ahold of it; essentially protecting JJ2 from some of the most viscious attack that occur once in a while.

Even more interesting, this tool will help you create your own filters, potentially your own gametypes with a fair bit of work.

For more information go to the JJ2 Network Filter website.

- Bobby aka Dizzy


~[GpW]NinjA on 4 Aug 2005 at 15:37

Just hope that program doesn’t fall into the wrong hands of someone who knows how to use it well.

Nimrod on 5 Aug 2005 at 01:08

If they know how to use it well, I can ensure you they would have been able to get hold of it ages ago with ease. You know, just go on Google and type “WPE

FQuist on 5 Aug 2005 at 22:34

Comments with a discussion between Optic and Nimrod was deleted in this news post, by request/permission of both authors.

Spazzyman on 8 Aug 2005 at 04:25

whispers ASDv2 whistles…just kidding… ^^

Jerrythabest on 15 Aug 2005 at 16:08

Can you make an .exe of that? I dont like using Windows Packet Editor… :) Thanks

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