Jazz2Online news for July 2005

Permalink Retro Jazz1 review July 27th 2005

Source: ShadowGPW

Our big friend and JCF administrator Shadow / Ins0mnia has taken the time to write a retro review of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 for the popular Dutch gaming website Ownage.nl You can visit Ownage.nl by clicking here or you can jump straight to the review by clicking this link.

The review is in Dutch, so those of you who are interested but don’t know Dutch may want to read a translated version and laugh at how terrible babelfish handles Dutch.

[7/27/05] Shadow also added a review for Jazz2 today.


Permalink User permissions July 16th 2005

I’ve reorganised a part of J2O’s user permissions system to enable script-specific permissions.. this might cause errors. If you find an error with not being allowed to do something suddenly, please tell me in the comments.

Specifically, the wiki might give you errors.


Permalink JDC Opening Event July 11th 2005

Update: The season has started and the event went well. Hooray.

The opening event for JDC Season 10 will be tomorrow (monday) at 4:00 PST, 7:00 EST. Anyone may come provided they have a JDC account. The season itself will also begin tomorrow, following the event.

The euro opening event is scheduled for Wednesday. For more information on this event, and all future events, see the JDC site.

Most future news pertaining to JDC will be posted on the site (and not the J2O front page), so be sure to check it often for important updates!


Permalink New Jazz2Online section July 10th 2005

There’s a new section (it can be found in “other” on the J2O navbar), named Earlong Royal Encyclopedia, or ERE in short. It’s an Encyclopedia. An encyclopedia?? What? Here’s a description of the section:

The ERE is a so-called wiki, where everyone can add and edit information about subjects that are related to the Jazz Jackrabbit universe and community. Everyone can contribute to it, and you are encouraged to do so – you can browse through the current entries, and extend them or create new ones.

In short: this encyclopedia is unfinished. It’s your (imagine a big index finger pointed in your direction) job to help expand the encyclopedia. Some examples of informative articles created by users during development: Jazz Jackrabbit 3, Jazz Jackrabbit Advance, Caption and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Cheats

Some examples of information that the encyclopedia could contain that would be useful for reference:

  • Information on all JCS Events
  • Information on the most popular clans
  • Explainations of all the custom game types and how to create them
  • The history of the community, and discussion of its future

The motive for creating the encyclopedia was to be able to have all information on the Jazz Jackrabbit games and the community in one spot, so that there’s one place where you can find everything.

If you want to start contributing, a good read would be Six things you should know about ERE. Additionally, for help you can read the help page, and to play with things to educate yourself on how the wiki works, you can use the testing ground. We await your contributions to the wiki enthusiastically!

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the wiki during development, helped test and provided bug reports and feature suggestions. Especially Stijn and BoggyB, you two have been a great help.


Permalink Lost JJ2 Music found! July 2nd 2005

Source: JCF Thread

ElectroPiZZa has come across a couple of songs which were supposedly written for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 but never used, for “Atlantis“ and “Dreamland“. Cool.


Permalink New JDC season is starting soon July 1st 2005

Source: JDC

JDC season 10 is scheduled to begin on the 11th of July. A number of improvements have been made to the site, and you should expect to see it get updated sometime tomorrow. We’re still testing stuff, so if you see a bunch of weird things on the site, that’s why.

Some of the improvements include adjustments to scoring, an automated “submit 2 on 2” system, and an upgraded system for duel comments. A number of other things have also been improved.

This season will last for 5 rounds, followed by 2 weeks off season. Season 11 will begin after that, assuming everything goes well.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me, or post a comment to this news post.