Lost JJ2 Music found!

2 Jul 2005 at 04:08
JCF Thread

ElectroPiZZa has come across a couple of songs which were supposedly written for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 but never used, for “Atlantis“ and “Dreamland“. Cool.

- Violet CLM


EvilMonkey on 2 Jul 2005 at 05:40

Wow, I have no idea why Epic didn’t include these songs. They’re so much better than most of the current ones.

Blackraptor on 2 Jul 2005 at 06:12

The songs are nice. Seem too peaceful for jj2 though, but a good listen. Thanks for pointing this out.

DoubleGJ on 2 Jul 2005 at 10:06

Cool indeed. Reminds me of the JJ3 tunes.

White Rabbit on 2 Jul 2005 at 12:55

They only sound better because they’re new and literally unheard of since now. ;-)

I wonder what kind of tilesets they would’ve gone with…but the names are a hint, I suppose.

DanYjel on 2 Jul 2005 at 15:19

They are too ambient, so it’s totally unusable in game like JJ2… But nice.

n00b on 2 Jul 2005 at 16:55

Ambiet? Seems like a perfect use for the timezone Jazz’s Hippie parents lived in, if the game’s original plotline is still the same in the full game(as it pretty much seems to be)

DanYjel on 2 Jul 2005 at 22:50

Ambient, yes. I am really unable to imagine this in hippy level.

Lark on 2 Jul 2005 at 23:06

Good find. The music definitely doesn’t suit JJ2 (maybe the atlantis one could’ve been used in Marinated Rabbit, I guess), so I can see why it wasn’t included.

n00b on 3 Jul 2005 at 00:44

I never said it should be used in the Pysch levels, since I doubt it work with those. But it would work for a more mellow area, his parents are hippies after all, and should be mellow and peaceful.
And isn’t psych more 70s stoner than 60s hippie?

Crono on 3 Jul 2005 at 01:09

Dreamland sounds like soemthing you’d hear in Jazz1 and would fit right into it’s atmosphere. I can’t see it in Jazz2 though.

Atlantis seems kind of like a crossover betweent he two games. I can picture it in Jazz2, except, the type of setting it’d be in doesn’t fit in with Jazz2’s all to ordinary locales and has the more surreal feeling I associate with Jazz1

Ragnarok! on 3 Jul 2005 at 12:17

I think I already had these..

FQuist on 3 Jul 2005 at 16:06

I wonder if these music files were meant for tilesets we already know of (I assume they weren’t) and if not, wether those tilesets have been started on or maybe even finished by Nick Stadler.

n00b on 3 Jul 2005 at 17:01

I also wonder if it is possible to ever get those unused tilesets assuming they exist.

Mercurio on 5 Jul 2005 at 14:52

=o and where did he find these?

n00b on 5 Jul 2005 at 17:50

He was browsing around ftp.modplanet.com
I think it’s modplanet, I dunno, just go check the JCF thread.

-== Ice Dragon ==- on 6 Jul 2005 at 17:53

Sure. This music files sounds very nice. And thery’re quite good for jj2 if you imagine the tilesets, that could be used with this music.

I wonder if there was a work over atlantis tileset, if there was any idea for doing it.

cooba on 6 Jul 2005 at 20:08

There indeed were plans for an Atlantis level, fyi.

Cazz NP on 8 Jul 2005 at 22:02

I live! 8D

How very interesting…downloads

Crusader on 13 Jul 2005 at 06:01

Well yes, “Dreamland” does particularly sound like a Jazz 1 song. It has ogt some interesting samples in it too. Atlantis Is also sort of a Jazz 1 song but fits better in Jazz 2 than Dreamland. It is too calm as well…

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