Jazz2Online news for June 2001

Permalink Private messaging June 29th 2001

While we are working to bring you a totally overhauled private messaging system with a new background, sending private messages has temporarily been disabled.

You will be able to obtain old messages until jazz2online moves to a new server.

Progress update:

I am at 60% of rewriting the private messages system. I am progressing fast, now that I fixed a bug.

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Permalink It's Dueling Season! June 26th 2001

Let the dueling begin!

The Jazz Duelist Challange has been re-activated. This time it’s completely coded in PHP (and works). No more reporting duels to me (yay). Any bugs please report to me immediatly.

For complete details of everything there head over and read the news and revised info page.


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Permalink Sorry for the downtime June 24th 2001

Apperently our (<Sarcasm>GREAT</Sarcasm>) host upgraded the cgi version of php, with a version of php that uses one of our functions as it’s own, with as result the main page of our site shut down! YaY!

I have now had to put up a temporary fix, which isn’t too good for our site, but at least it works..

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Permalink 2 great articles June 21st 2001

Two great articles have been added to the articles section.
Derby has written an indepth-explaination of the things that cause download errors in JJ2, and NewSpaz has added a great interview with Metalwarrior, about possum.

Check them out!

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Permalink EvilMike's Monthly Level Pick June 21st 2001

I happen to be a member of multiple gaming communities, and I visit many sites a day. All of them are high quality (this one included ;) but they all had something that I feel this site is missing: a weekly/monthly level feature that picks out a level of outstanding quality and features it on the main page of the site. I decided to create one for jazz 2, so from now on after the end of each month, I will pick what I think is the best level submission for that month and make a news post about it. This is yet another reason to do a good job in JCS. Don’t worry, I promise I won’t choose any of my levels.

(and yes, I am a member of the staff. I was just never given anything to do, so I sat around doing nothing :P )

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Permalink www.jazz2online.com June 15th 2001

The domain is up. I recommend you access jazz2online through www.jazz2online.com

A description of the two domain names:

www.jazz2online.com – links to j2o, using a frame. This will sometimes cause frustration as URLs have the tendency to stay in the location bar(the white thing where you enter URLs), if a link hasn’t been adapted to the new system yet.

forum.jazz2online.com – this is a pure forward to the JCF. Because people use the location bar quite a lot when linking to threads I decided to not use a frame.

If you want a ..@jazz2online.com email forward please send a private message to me with the name you want and the email adress it should point to(e.g. boo@jazz2online.com links to boo@hotmail.com)

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Permalink Hopteego Village June 13th 2001

F!re has made a Jazzjackrabbit fansite called Hopteego Village. You can view it here.

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Permalink Moving.. June 13th 2001

Jazz2Online is going to move within 4 months. We don’t know when. I am afraid it will be a quite sudden death. Therefore I have registered jazz2online.com, which I will point to a new place if nagcentral.com is going to shut down.

We have found a new host already. It’ll be a host in Europe. In the Netherlands to be precise. We will move in about 6 weeks.

P.S.. The domain will take a few days before it goes up. After that we might provide free email forwarding for j2o users.

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Permalink Dimension Jazz is down. June 12th 2001

Dimension Jazz has changed it’s frontpage to a goodbye message.

Dimension Jazz had some great leaders and features. It’s too bad they didn’t get much luck.

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Permalink Sourcecode. June 10th 2001

I have talked to Michiel Ouwehand, a programmer from orange games(which is now a lostboys division), and he has told me that they wouldn’t mind giving us the official sourcecode for Jazzjackrabbit 2. But, as they will have some legal issues, I have been told to warn them in a few months(half a year) when the things have “calmed down” a bit. He said that they might just send a few Lost Boys lawyers to Epic megagames to talk about an official release of the source code.

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Permalink Arjan Brussee's birthday June 6th 2001

Today is Arjan Brussee’s birthday. For those who don’t know him, he was the head of orange games(now a lostboys division), the games team that invented and built the jazzjackrabbit series.

I would like to thank him for the game and the inspiration he gave a lot of us.

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