Jazz2Online news for May 2001

Permalink Jazzjackrabbit on pagina.nl May 31st 2001

Newspaz has made a dutch page with links for the infamous dutch site www.pagina.nl. It is a good resource for jazzjackrabbit links.


Note: It is readable for english-speaking people too.

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Permalink New download section released. May 30th 2001

The downloads section is up again.

I have converted the level db to be more efficient. When J2O is going to move in a few months, or earlier/later, we will have less trouble moving.(most trouble is going to be the download process: almost 90 megabytes of files)

I also have remade the scripts that let you browse levels to be more extendable, and more efficient for the visitor. More features will be added soon.
Apart from the new layout, there are two tags that can be showed in the file browser:
TSF levels get a TSF tag, and levels with a rating equal to or higher then 8 will get a Tip tag.

You can also limit the file browser to levels only, meaning it will display all types of downloads except files, tilesets and music.

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Permalink LevelDB Overhaul status May 28th 2001

The converting process has been finished, and now I am recoding a lot of code of the downloads. I estimate that it is done on wednesday.

On a side note, check this screenshot to see the new look.(it’s still under construction)

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Permalink LevelDB Overhaul May 26th 2001

To support j2o’s growing number of downloads, I(Fquist), am completely overhauling the db structure. Please have patience. What good this will have: More support for growing, no more download problems with people using weird names, and the ability to backup the levels

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Permalink Lori Central is back May 7th 2001

After Lori Central has been down for a few weeks because ActionXtreme network(LC’s and J2C’s host) has been bought by Gamespy, it has returned. Currently there only is a under construction message tough..

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