Jazz2Online news for April 2001

Permalink Jazz 2 City April 28th 2001

Well, it seems that with the shutting down of actionxtreme and switch to a new place, that J2C is dead and most likely will be gone forever now. Of course, it could be relocated or hosted by Game Spy, who is now actionxtreme, but the chance of that seems unlikely to me for the space it requires and it would take someone to work with them. Loricentral will need to be relocated and will be. More info on Loricentral here.

It seems that we have most likely lost a wealth of levels and everything Jazz…

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Permalink Anniversary Bash III April 6th 2001

Both Anniversary Bash packs have been released on J2O, so download them now and get the music for the levels that you need :)

CTF Pack (more info)
Battle Pack (more info)

The servers for Bash will be up from around Friday 6 at 11 AM PST until Sunday 8.

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