Jazz2Online news for March 2001

Permalink JJ3. March 26th 2001

Source: Haze

Project 3 is asking people to vote what their new title should be in this topic. Click the link and vote for our all favorite sequel. ;-)

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Permalink New poll, and... the new forums! March 23rd 2001

The new forums have been released! A day late(cough cough) because we had to change our name, but better late then never. Don’t be surprised if you find that many users have registered already. They either got word from people who knew the url, or they helped setting up the forums, or they were part of the JMMB personell.

Credit goes out to Ice M A N, Bobby, Newspaz, the JMMB moderators and admins for helping me setting up the forums.

I will wait no longer, I present to you the Jazz Jackrabbit Community Forums! The abbreviation is JCF.

After you have visited it, and have read the announcement in the announcements forum, you are invited to vote on our new poll to show how much or little you like the new forums.

The results from the poll from the last few weeks:

When do you think the Jazz community will die. As in no one will be around anymore?

1-6 months Votes: 6 25.5%
7-12 months Votes: 5 21%
2 years Votes: 13 54%
3 years Votes: 4 16.5%
Never Votes: 8 33%
Total Votes: 36

Yes, I know the sound of this newspost is exagerated, but that’s my style.

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Permalink Names! March 23rd 2001

As you all probably know by now, JMMB2 is the new JMMB, led by mostly the same admins and moderators as before, with minor changes. Yesterday, I have spoken to Dethman, and he has disallowed us further use of the name JMMB.
We need a new name and we want you, the visitor, to help out. What would you want as new name?

There are a two rules:
1. No obscure names. and 2. No mega (message)board in the title.

Help us out, and think up some names. Post them as comments to this post..

Disclaimer: JMMB2 has ceased to exist. The now unnamed messageboard has all old admins except dethman, noogy and steven wakeman. They will admin a board that is without name at the moment.

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Permalink The JMMB is dead... March 21st 2001

Yes, I’m as shocked as you all are…

I’ll have to talk to Fquist about JMMB2 and whether or not it will exist.

Here be the final words on the JMMB as said by Dethman:

This board has been closed.

The morals of this board have fallen into virtually being non existant. For this reason, I have decided to close the board.

Naturally, I am to blame for most of the degredation, as I have certainly not visited and moderated this board often.

Truth be told, I see almost no strain of any kind of real solid Biblical values left in this board.

As a parting note, I would strongly suggest that anyone who reads this should read their Bible and consider their eternal destiny… all things will come to an end.

Romans 10:9, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

There is only one way.

With these final words I’ll take my leave.

- |)/\/\… M… W…

…and the rest of the administration.


Go see theJMMB yourself…

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Permalink Your Weekly JCS Classic: Week 4 March 20th 2001

Because Quist is busy, I’ve filled in his position this week.

This week we are featuring the single player level Opal Wednesday, by Gizmo. Here’s Steven Wakeman’s review on the level: “Too awesome to describe. (That frog surfing is SO cool… =)”
Wakeman’s rating: ***.
The Zip file size is 463KB. You can get it here.


Permalink Lori's birthday March 13th 2001

DrJones has informed me that today it is Lori’s 19th birthday. Check loricentral for more info and a story. They also have some new pictures..

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Permalink Your weekly jcs classic: 3rd edition March 13th 2001

Sorry for being two days late, but I’ve been kind of busy.
This week we have a ctf: lablocked by Captian Spam. It’s a classic..

Because the level hasn’t been reviewed on here, I present to you steven’s review again:
“Spam’s done it again. He’s created a perfect level. Now we have to do the only right thing — kill him. :)” – a rating of ***.

The zip’s size is nearly 7 kb. Click here to download it

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Permalink Aniversary Bash III March 9th 2001

I’m currently looking for a few people to help me organize, gather, and host stuff for Bash 3. If you would like to help or just want more information, check out this thread over at the JMMB.

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Permalink JJ2N news contest II March 8th 2001

FoD wants you to know that he is running a new contest. You can read more at: http://www.geocities.com/FoDJJ2N/contest.html

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Permalink list.jazzjackrabbit.com back up March 7th 2001

Yup, it’s true. The official JJ2 list server is back up (for the time being, I have not confirmed it’s stability yet but it seems to be working fine now), I’m working on editing gip, testserverlist and minigip to work with list.jazzjackrabbit.com.

We’d better hope it remains up…

[EDIT: aaaand down it goes again..]


Permalink J2C Down And Up March 4th 2001

As you might have seen trying access the JMMB, J2C is not responding. I don’t know why right now, but if I find out anything more I’ll be sure to inform all you people out there.

—- Update —-

JMMB Is back online. Booya! :)

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Permalink New FoL project March 4th 2001

Future of leveldesign(abbreviation is FoL), a group of people from different levelgroups who come together to make packs, has started on a new project: a treasure hunt pack. Each member does a different tileset.

No estimated release dates yet.

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Permalink Your weekly JCS classic: week 2 March 4th 2001

(there isn’t much news, is there?)

For this week, I decided on Hot Cross Bunnies by Carrots of J2LC. This level won the easter contest held by Project 2. The price was 500 euro.

Wakeman’s rating: ***
Wakeman’s review: This is the level that got first place in Project2’s contest, so you can well imagine that it’s an awesome level.

Get the level here

Note: people that have JJ2: CC, should have this level delivered with it.

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