Jazz2Online news for February 2001

Permalink Your weekly jcs classic: week 1 February 25th 2001

For our first weekly jcs classic feature, I have chosen Shivering Showdown by Onag. It’s a fast battle level, greatly designed. It uses the very underused Inferno tileset.

Steven Wakeman’s j2c review: “Awesome design, great eye candy, nice snow storm.”
Steven Wakeman’s rating: ***

Download it now!

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Permalink Hey movie fans! February 16th 2001

Hey, I know this isn’t really Jazz2 related, but for those of you who keep up on the latest news and stuff, check out Cinemenium.com. You could even help us out if you like. We focus on featuring movies currently in production and getting exclusive material for the site. We’re also looking for people that enjoy movies and who would like to help us out with our websites.

If you’re interested let me know by e-mailing me.


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Permalink New Poll February 7th 2001

I’m not gonna even post the results of the last one, it was so old and too many people voted so many times etc. Go vote in the new one. ;P

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Permalink Bye. February 7th 2001

Submitter: Megamewtwo aka darkwasp

I normally don’t post private stuff here, but I’m tempted to make an exception for people who want it announced that they are leaving the community.

Because of issues in his life, darkwasp aka Megamewtwo is departing the community for unknown time. If you want to read more about this, you can visit his goodbye message at Dimension Jazz.

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