Jazz2Online news for January 2001

Permalink AlexB interview January 31st 2001

Source: JMMB

Stripe has found an interview with Alex
Brandon, the musician that made the jj2 music. Go check it out!

Stripe, thanks.

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Permalink No JJ games for project3.. January 29th 2001

Source: Steven Wakeman

Wakeman has told me that project 3 has told ShadowGPW that they are not planning to (re-)release any Jazzjackrabbit games right now.

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Permalink Stuff January 27th 2001

New article
Stripe finished and posted his article about music formats. This is helpfull for jj2 fans, as music is a big part of the game. I hope the article also may help in reducing the “how to convert .. to mod?” posts on the JMMB

Computer Music and Sound Formats: a beginner’s guide

Downloads database
The johnM from the staff at Dimension Jazz is working on a new and improved downloads database for Dimension Jazz.

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Permalink Jmmb is moving January 18th 2001

Pasted directly from the jmmb:

The jmmb is moving

Our host, ActionXreme is PROBABLY shutting down. That is because it was sold to another company. Since we don’t have ftp access we will have to get a new forum and a new place.

This will cause all our posts to vanish

Yes. It’s too sad, but it’s true.. We don’t have ftp access so we can’t transfer them. I made html copies of all general and misc topics tough, so they won’t be totally lost. You will be able to download them somewhere.

We will get new forum software

We are using a new, free board that’s better then the ubb. It has some strange things tough, so you will have to get used to it. It is still in development so it will have frequent updates.

Where do we move to?

That will be kept secret until we are sure this forum will die. Currently I am not totally sure as MPlayer promised the webmasters to keep the sites up.. but Jeh says the jmmb will shut down so we must prepare for the worst. As you won’t be able to read where we are gone when the forums have shut down, check jazzjackrabbit 2 online for news about the move. You can find it at http://jazz2.nagcentral.com

Please don’t panic, we are not dead

We will lose all posts and that’s a gigantic shame. However, complaining won’t help, as we have tried everything. Jmmb admins and some other people have talked and worked on it for hours. So please don’t complain as it won’t help anything. But you are free to make topics about this subject..

The forums
We have the forums we are moving to ready, and I am currently tweaking them to look similar to the jmmb.

To cheer you up a tiny bit, the forums have a few nice features the Ubb we currently use does not have.

-A memberlist
-You can choose your own themes, so if you are sick of the christmas theme you can select the normal theme..

We are sorry this must be happening, but the show must go on.
-Sincerely, Frank Quist.

P.S. Please do NOT email any admin about this! Brian is getting flooded with stuff already..

P.P.S. Maybe we are lucky and ActionXtreme won’t die. But don’t count on it.

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Permalink Jazz3d at noogy.com January 17th 2001

Dean Dodrill, the Jazzjackrabbit 2 animator, has extended his site with a big section full of info, pictures and animations from Jazzjackrabbit 3d.

Check it out!

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Permalink Vacation for me too! January 12th 2001

Yup, I’ll be going away tomorrow for a week, so don’t send news to me if you want to posted. While I’m gone please try to send most of the duel submissions (JDC) via email, I hate coming the on the computer and not being able to talk to anyone due to flooded ICQ messages. :)

Oh yeah, have fun and play some Jazz.

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Permalink UJ levels at Loricentral. January 12th 2001

Source: Lori central

Loricentral released all the files that uj had before it went down, and is asking people to review them.

Level download page

So what i am supposed to pack?

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Permalink Small new additions. January 12th 2001

- Added smileys in private messages.
- Added back link in moreinfo.php(where you find the reviews of a level)
- Changed some html in moreinfo.php
- Added sort by number of reviews option in downloads.

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Permalink New Poll January 12th 2001

Last Poll Results

What do you think of J2O?

Awesome! Votes: 54
Not bad. Votes: 21
Fine. Votes: 8
Lol, you call this a site? Votes: 26

Go vote in the new poll :)

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Permalink Vacation announcement January 12th 2001

Hi people. Just when the site is finished, I have to go. :-)

I hope you people enjoy the site.. Don’t bug Cheeze too much. :)

  • For some reason some levels had their review count decreased. View all the levels, all levels uploaded already got reviews .*

  • Send your news to bobby or cheeze. :-P .*

  • Bye. :) .*
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Permalink Welcome to J2o. January 12th 2001

We j2o admins want to welcome you to j2o. We hope this site will have great success.

For support questions, bug reports and suggestions, please post at our forum at Blueboard systems.

If you have messed up during uploading, feel free to send me or cheeze a private message.

(to send private messages, you have to log in first)

Some stuff worth seeing:

The history section. We interviewed the creators of jj2.
The private messages system: send someone a private message through our script.
Downloads: Rate them yourself using our fully automatic rating system.
Uploads: Upload your own level, it only takes 2 minutes and it’s there immediatly(!).

News submitting

If you want news submitted, please drop Fquist, Cheeze or bobby a message through our niftyfull intrasite message system. :)

Account problems:
Email Fquist at webmaster@j2lc.zzn.com or cheeze at cheeze@nagcentral.com.


We know about the unencoded password issue(On some pages you can see the password in the url) and are working on it. Please don’t complain about it, since we have received them already. (No, just you, Fquist. ;-P ~Cheeze) :)


Programming – Fquist and Cheeze
Poll script – Bobby
Mental support – The community and Bobby. :)
Graphics – Graphix2000

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Permalink New Stuff January 12th 2001

Yep. I added two new things to the mainpage: top weekly levels and most downloaded levels.

The top weekly levels are the highest rated levels uploaded in the past week. The most downlaoded levels are simply that: the most downloaded. ;P

They also contain some extra data: The rating/downlaods and the level type. If you think something else should go here that you mgiht want to know from a glance, tell me. I might put it in if it won’t cluttter it to much.

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Permalink Make Cash. ;P January 12th 2001

Yeah, i put up a section for making money. They’re links to some of the best get paid to surf and such places. More to come soon, too.

Go ahead and check it out. I hope some of you will find this useful. ;p

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Permalink XJJ2 Updates January 12th 2001

Source: Jazzjack Development Headquarters (xjj2)

Xjj2 has finally made a news update and I believe a new version 3.2. There isn’t much new in this version, but it never hurts to upgrade your Xjj2. :)

Click here to see full coverage.

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Permalink Edit function January 12th 2001

I just finished a script to edit your info for levels and even re-upload your level if you want.

I think it should work, but i have no levels to try it out on, so tell me if it works. ;-P

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Permalink Stop! January 12th 2001

Please stop sending me messages, I am on vacation and can’t answer them.

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Permalink New Version of JazzEd January 12th 2001

Source: martin aka partydude

Quoted from the text file that goes with JazzEd.

“This little program allows the passionate Jazzer to…

- edit the Server Name
- edit Rabbit Names
- edit Fur Colors
- do some funky stuff like random furs, no colon and char space trick 8-)
- save your jazzed screenshots from overwriting”

Btw, for all of you who dont know, JazzEd was made by Aiko :)

Sounds pretty spiffy. You can download the new version by clicking here.

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Permalink Xjj2 Version 3.3 January 12th 2001

Source: Aiko

Quoted from the Jazz Hack Development Headquarters
“New XJJ2 v3.3 out; can be used with TSF (Full version only)
Thanks to Aiko, I was informed about a problem with XJJ2 and the full version of TSF. It is still impossible for XJJ2 to start certain server types with TSF demo as always, but XJJ2 has been fixed to enable operability with the full version of TSF. Thanks Aiko!
pennywise [08/17/2000, 10:50pm central]”

Well, it sounds like a great thing if you have TSF, but I don’t. :(
Click here to go to Xjj2 and download the new version.

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Permalink Back. :) January 12th 2001

Well, I’m back from vacation.

You will soon see changes here around, as i add new things. So if you run into a bug, please wait an half hour, and if it still isn’t fixed message me or cheeze. :P

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Permalink Jobs January 12th 2001

We are in need of another official reviewer, if you want to solicitate please send me a message.

I will check your current reviews to see if you are the right man for the job.

Being official reviewer doesn’t mean you have to review each file, you just need to be objective and try to review files that didn’t get any good reviews yet.

Also, please post ideas for polls in our forum at blueboard systems. For the link check the cool links down the page.

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Permalink Changes. January 12th 2001

- Evilmike became official reviewer. His reviews are objective and detailed.

- We are working on improving the navigation, and added a green bar at the downloads section to hold the options, instead of the purple bar, that is now used for navigation.

- When you login you will now be able to see all your levels and the reviews and ratings they got. I forgot to make it compatible with people without levels, and will add that tomorrow.

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Permalink Ultimate JJ2 Relay completed. January 12th 2001

Source: Derek’s homepage

The ultimate jj2 Relay contest is completed. Go check who won!

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Permalink Michiel ouwehand interview. January 12th 2001

Michiel ouwehand has agreed to answer 10 questions made up by the j2o visitors. Michiel ouwehand is a programmer from jj2, and you can read more about him in the j2o about section.

Please post your questions at this thread

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Permalink Great news for tileset geeks! January 12th 2001

Source: Disguise

Jasc has announced the launch of Paint shop pro 7, the followup of (duh!) paint shop pro 6.

Paint shop pro is a pretty cheap, high quality paint program.

Read more on their site.

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Permalink News. January 12th 2001

We need more support

After talking to people we constantly get new ideas and complaints. It would help us a lot if you posted all your doubts and ideas on our forums, after all, this site is for the community and we want to do everything to serve you well. :P


- Half ratings. You can now rate with decimals also, tough we limited it to 2ths(7.5, 6.5)

- Average rating for author. After you login you can now see the average of all the ratings your levels got.

- Sort by last review. You can now sort the levels by the last review date they got. That way recently reviewed levels get on top.

- Previous/next links. On the level description page, you can now quickly browse between the levels.

- Random file. On the downloads index you can click this link to look at a random file.

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Permalink Online users. January 12th 2001

You can now watch the users currently browsing j2o. on the moment only index.php logs, but we are adding the code to other parts of the site.

You can’t set yourself invisible yet.. i will have to do that someday IF it’s needed. If you really want it just say so..


Some people made comments about the edit review and edit download scripts. If they still don’t work, talk to cheeze about it.. I have nothing to do with those scripts. :P

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Permalink New poll. January 12th 2001

We want to hurry up a bit with the polls since we still have plenty of questions to our users.. therefore we added a new poll already.

Old results:

What do you think of the downloads section?

Great! 16 Votes, 32%
Ok: 4 votes, 8%
Fine 1 Vote, 2%
Aweful 15 votes, 30%
Bobby, you make the most aweful poll questions. 14 votes, 28%

Total Votes: 50

We talked to alot of visitors and discovered that they didn’t like the downloads section because they couldnt surf through it really easy(it was a pain to browse), so we added some new features, and now most users like it better..

New poll: Do you need a privacy function for the online users script that prevents you from being visible to others?

This poll will take plus-minus 3 days.

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Permalink Vote for lori central! :P January 12th 2001

Lori central is currently 16 on the calculations chart(that’s a sort of expectations chart. It’s unknown where lori central will be next tuesday, when the new chart is calculated.) at global 100. Wouldn’t it be so cool to get it higher on the list?

Vote if you like lori central! =P

And while you are at it, register at global100 to get your votes counted higher in the charts.

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Permalink New poll. January 12th 2001

Do you need a privacy option for the online users script that prevents you from being visible to others?

No, It doesnt bother me. You can also add something that shows what page i am viewing.
Votes: 17

Yes. I hate being watched by others.
Votes: 3

This script doesnt make any sense. Ditch it now!
Votes: 1

I dont really care.. I dont visit this site much anyways
Votes: 2

Total Votes on this poll: 23

Those 3 votes mean we’ll be adding a privacy mode sometime soon.

Next poll will also take 3 days.

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Permalink Serverlists January 12th 2001

It appears jazz.logicware.com or the serverlists are down. This is due to the fact that www.logicware.com, the home of the server list is down. It will most likely be back up soon I think.

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Permalink Dimension Jazz released. January 12th 2001

A new php powered site called dimension jazz is released.

Find it here.

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Permalink The jj2 clan hub. January 12th 2001

A new site for info about clans is released, although they are currently on trial(to see if the idea works.).


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Permalink News. January 12th 2001

Jmmb gone back to old layout
Sources: jmmb(duh. :P) and loricentral.

The jmmb has gone back to it’s old layout. It appears it only has gone back to it’s told layout because it was hacked. This was a backup styles file apperently.. sigh

Source: Aiko on the jmmb

The listserver is back up.(the logicware one.)

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Permalink Lori central #12. January 12th 2001

Lori central got #12 at the global100 charts, so I’d like to thank all the people that voted. :)

You should register though, because according to the statistics it would have been on #7 if everyone had high status.

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Permalink New poll again.. January 12th 2001

What script do you want first?
Reviewer(visitor) ranks script, based on number of reviews
Votes: 2

Serverlist script.
Votes: 22

I dont want any more scripts! Votes: 2
Total Votes: 26

Well, It’s obvious wich one won. But pennywise hasn’t sent me the specs yet, so maybe the other script is going to be added first.

I am currently working on the privacy function, it should be up tomorrow..

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Permalink Privacy mode. January 12th 2001

Privacy mode is added. If you wish to be invisible for the online users script, go to change details and set privacy mode to yes.

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Permalink Aiko. January 12th 2001

I normally don’t want to comment on the downloads content here, but I would like to compliment Aiko.

Aiko, you are doing a really great job, almost reviewing all levels sooner or later. If you want, message me and I’ll upgrade your status as reviewer.

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Permalink Serverlists down again. January 12th 2001

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Permalink And back they are.. January 12th 2001

(the serverlists)

source: the comments and jj2. :)

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Permalink Serverlists again. January 12th 2001

Serverlists are down again..

I will stop commenting about the serverlists here. They are so unstable that I really ain’t going to overcrowd the newssystem with serverlists news.

If you want to see if the serverlist is up, just use testserverlist.php, It’s a small script from cheeze I modified to test their status.

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Permalink Christmas Chronicles info. January 12th 2001

Source: Jmmb

Aiko has posted info about the christmas chronicles in this thread.

If you don’t know for sure if you want to buy it, check it out. Otherwise..check it out too. :)

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Permalink Signup fixed January 12th 2001

There was a small signup bug that i fixed. Dunno why it happened, either, because it was working beautifully until a little while ago.

But if you had any trouble signing up before, you should be able to do so now without problems.

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Permalink Past the 100 users! January 12th 2001

We are now past the 100 registered users mark. 101 W00ping users have registered in the +- 4 weeks we have been online. :P

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Permalink Ip's January 12th 2001

There’s a thread on the jmmb where you can read the ip’s of server’s people have up now the serverlists are down..


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Permalink Serverlists back up. January 12th 2001

When I ran my script, I discovered the serverlists are back up. Enjoy them, since maybe they won’t be up for long..

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Permalink News. January 12th 2001

Serverlist script.


Comments system.

The comments system is acting weird. We don’t know what in bob’s name is happening, and we did nothing with it. It appears it’s just my computer..weird.

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Permalink New Poll Time January 12th 2001

Do you like the color scheme the jmmb has switched to?(the old one)
Yeah. It is awesome! Votes: 24

I guess it is not that bad.. Votes: 13

I liked the light one better.. Votes: 5

What? I did not notice any difference. :-) Votes: 6

Total Votes: 48

I guess people like the old JMMB scheme, oh well. Go vote in the new poll. :)

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Permalink J2o restructure.. January 12th 2001

We are busy redoing alot of the navigation, and adding alot of new options. Expect the changes next week.

Btw, I get back to school this thursday, so things will go a bit slower then..

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Permalink Weapon 0 revealed! January 12th 2001

Weapon 0 has been revealed.

Read more here.

Har har.

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Permalink New ml release. January 12th 2001

Dethman has just released his new levelpack, read more in this thread.

The pack is totally awesome and I hope Dethman will release it on j2o so people can review it. :-)

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Permalink Edit reviews script fixed. January 12th 2001

Nuff’ said.

Thanks to bobby for fixing part 1 of it. :)

(augh! it was just a typo in the script we all overlooked. sometimes i hate php. :P)

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Permalink New Poll January 12th 2001

Here are the last Poll Results:

Would you like to recieve JDC scores at J2O?
Yes, all the way! Integrate J2O and JDC :) Votes: 24
Sure, I guess. Votes: 11
No, leave JDC and J2O totally seperate. Votes: 5
I dont care, Im not a part of JDC. Votes: 12
Total Votes: 52

I guess I’ll start integrating when I have time…

Go vote in the new poll now. :)

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Permalink Haze's hideout back! January 12th 2001

Haze aka |\|ew re-released his site at this url: http://jazz3d.cjb.net/.

It has a very nifty layout and provides some very cool goodies.

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Permalink New sites. January 12th 2001

Jazz 2 land
Source: Jazz 2 stuff.

JJ Tublear has released his very first website, and it’s about jj2. (mixed with some pokemon and sonic the hedgedog stuff) Go see.

De hazenpoot
Source: Newspaz gpw

The newspaz and electric Ir released a dutch site about jj2. Go see.

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Permalink Listservers January 12th 2001

Yup, it appears the list servers are down again. Hopefully they will come back up real soon.

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Permalink New Poll and Listservers Back Up January 12th 2001

Yup, the list servers are back up, so I expect to see you playing JJ2 all day. ;P

On a side note, here are the last poll results:

What Character do you use when playing JJ2?
Jazz Votes: 29
Spaz Votes: 38
Lori Votes: 2
Total Votes: 69

I can’t wait to see the results for this next poll. :)

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Permalink Small additions.. January 12th 2001

  • Improved sql in subreview.php, It should work faster and less comp-intensitive(for the server that is) now.

  • The delete script for reviews now also works for not-admins. (yay aiko. :P) Thanks to bobby for doing most of the fixing in deleter.php


  • Added profile link in moreinfo.php

  • <br><br> is automaticly replaced with <p>

  • Added j2o code help link to submit review window.

  • Admins can use html now, and there is a [id=..] markup code, which is explained in the markup help link.

  • Evilmike is an admin now. :P

    (Contact me evilmike if you don’t want to be admin but only official reviewer)
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Permalink Member 150! January 12th 2001

Our 150th member, Urbs[GpW](we think) just signed up. Yay. I hope j2o will continue growing. Thanks all..

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Permalink Xjj2 news and new admin. January 12th 2001

Source: Pennywise
Pennywise updated the xjj2 site with a new layout and a news flash about the upcoming version.

Iced got promoted to admin. That’s because he is going to work on scripts. :P

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Permalink Space. Lots of Space. ;p January 12th 2001

Yes, i need a very nice, reliable, and fast web server that has an unlimited supply of space. Why? Well, don’t you hate that annoying limit of a 1 meg file, you going thro’ all the trouble to get around it, and us getting angry (Deth didn’t like my language, and we have to listen to him. why? well…because ;P) at you?

Well, fear no more! If you have no objections to crosswinds.net, or can find a better and faster server, you can use however big file sizes you want. That’s right, HUGE FILES! (Exiting, isn’t it?)

Also, if you throw enough servers at me, i might even make a mirror thingie that allows you to download from the area closest to you, using cookies.

So, what do you get? HUGE files, FASTER connections, and COOKIES! ;p



Eww. It looks like Nagcentral has too old of PHP to be able to use those nifty ftp commands that would’ve let me do this.

However, this would still be possible by other means. Like if the other side has scripting capabilities (i.e. PHP), it might be possible.

So, crosswinds is out of the picture. And the likelyhood of a PHP and unlimted space server is slim. Ick.

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Permalink Loricentral update and palette editor. January 12th 2001

Quit editing my news posts dizzy! :)—>Lori central update
Source? I coded it.
Although it is at “half-power”, Drjones updated Lori central with a TSF serverlist script and stories.

Palette editor

Toxicbunny posted a thread about a program he made to manage and edit palettes on the jmmb. It’s very cool and I highly recommend it for all tileset creators. The thread.

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Permalink Uh, J2O Back Up... January 12th 2001

As some of you probably saw around 4PM EST TO 6:30 PM communitech (our server) did something to the MySQL databases so that we could not access them, or they could not be found. I’m sorry for any inconvience this may have caused.

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Permalink Sorry for the lack of speed. January 12th 2001

Please bear with us as communitech fixes it’s speed problems. :P

Go communitech!

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Permalink Serverlists... January 12th 2001

Yup, they’re down again. Evil! Let’s hope they come back up so we can play 24/7 again. ;-P

Update, they are back up again. Yay!


Permalink A JDC event! *gasp* January 12th 2001

<plug>Yeah, Syntax and I need to get off out lazy butts and schedule more stuff. So Saturday there is gonna be an AYCR, Yay! Head over to JDC for more info.

Too bad I won’t be home for the event. :( </plug>

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Permalink Contest at Haze's hideout. January 12th 2001

Haze has just announced a new contest on his hideout, with a very original theme and very cool prizes. Go see!

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Permalink Yes, I *do* work here. January 12th 2001

Added addition options for submitting/editing reviews. ‘Nuff said. :-P

They are not fully tested yet so please point out any problems.


Permalink Kill the annoyances day. January 12th 2001

I’ve coded for a few hours to remove some jj2 annoyances.

  • View.php now gets split up in pages of 40. I still need to add functionality for people that only view a few types, because it will 5 pages for that even while it’s unneeded. There are still a few annoyances in the page script, I will take ‘em out later, but I have to go now.

  • Fixed dead links on view.php

  • Users that have autologin enabled are logged in when they view view.php.

  • Fixed some other view.php bugs.

  • On comments.php and moreinfo.php, if someone wants to submit a comment/review, their name and password are already filled in(only if autologin is enabled).

  • Added music field to the level types in the uploads/downloads section, for levels with music that is uploaded seperate.

  • Added multiple tilesets option in upload.php

There. Whoo aiko. Thanks for that pages suggestion. :)

By the way, our new articles section is coming along nicely.

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Permalink New poll. January 12th 2001

What type of JJ2 is the best?
Single Player / Coop Votes: 20

Treasure Votes: 7

Battle Votes: 34

Race Votes: 8

Capture the Flag Votes: 19

Total Votes: 88

Well, battle won, with single player as not-so close second winner. These results do surprise me, because I thought single player died pretty much.

Go vote on the new poll!

(after this post it will take a few minutes for it to be made..)

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Permalink List Servers down January 12th 2001

They are down again. Whee.

Let’s hope they will stay down so you can comment about the horrible situation. ;-P J/k.


Permalink Lori central anniversary. January 12th 2001

Today, lori central became one year old.
Drjones can’t celebrate it with us, as he has to focus on his study for a while, but you can post on his site to congratulate him, or you can send him an email.

And why not vote for LC at Global100 as a birthday present?

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Permalink J2Lounge January 12th 2001

Source: Jmmb

A new site is opened by Icewing. Go see!

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Permalink New Poll January 12th 2001

By gosh it’s about time there is a new poll. Send me a private message if you ever get a good idea btw :).

Here are the results from the last poll:
When possum comes out, are you going to buy it?
You bet! Votes: 24
I don’t know for sure yet…I want to see more of it first. Votes: 17
No.. Votes: 6
What’s possum? Votes: 29
Total Votes: 76

Hmm, you should all hop over to the JMMB and check out the Possum forum for Possum info now! ;P

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Permalink JDC Event Added January 12th 2001

Wow, we added an event at JDC, you better go check it out. :)

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Permalink I like it. January 12th 2001

That’s right. I like it. What, you may ask? Well, i suppose tast would help, especially if you try to do something and i changed it. Hehe….oh, what could happen….;P

Anyway, it’s a small 5-second thing i changed. Now if you click on the link for the top5/top download you’ll get the moreinfo page, rather than just download it. Of course, i’ve also included a link if you just wanna download it anyway. That’d be the new little [d/l] thingie.

And i like it. If you don’t, well…i do. ;-P


Permalink 1000 Reviews January 12th 2001

Welp, we have reached 1000 level reviews, I would like to thank everyone that helped review level and made J2O successful. One person who deserves a little more than other is Aiko, he has done so much for the downloads. A special thanks to him.

Oh, and the lucky 1000 review person is Newspaz I believe.

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Permalink Updates January 12th 2001

Today I finally got my internet connection back on my new computer. (the old one goes to the attic..) Actually I had my internet back yesterday, but then our comp crashed totally.

Well, I made some updates today:

* Finished “View all ratings by this author”.(Suggested by Aiko) Tomorrow I will add a function for it that displays how strict a user is.

* Changed it so N/A rating appears at the bottom. – Diz

* Fixed links in downloads/view.php and downloads/index.php(suggested by aiko)

* Added warning text to downloads/upload.php

* Fixed disappearing profile link bug(suggested by aiko)

Tomorrow I will also work on the articles section, which hopefully will be released soon, along with our links section.

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Permalink Proxy JJ2 Stuff January 12th 2001

Well, Im sure some of you know this, but I for one was impressed when Paul recently found this in the JJ2 FAQ. Basically you can play and host servers when you have a firewall. The only odd thing we found when Paul tested this was he would time out from Monolith’s Battle Server, but not mine. He was also able to successfully host a server.

This is from the FAQ.

I’m behind a Firewall and can’t start Internet Games!

You will need to contact your Network Administrator and make sure ports 10052-10054 TCP and 10052 UDP are open to both inbound and outbound traffic.”

For the complete FAQ go to Jazz Jackrabbit home. This will hopefully help a few of you people out there.

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Permalink Rabbit Hole Returns January 12th 2001

Source: JMMB

Well, Spaztic is currently redesigning and will hopefully totally restart the former RH. Im sure everyone would be glad to see it back. You can see the current unfinished layout here.

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Permalink Change logs. January 12th 2001

Because they were flooding the normal news, I decided that all the admins will post their changelogs in the j2o forum(link is in the purple bar).

Admins, please put all changelogs from the same day in the topic of that day. And record all your changes so we know how to fix something if something went wrong.

Users, please post all your bugs and suggestions in the forum too.
If the bugs have to do with the changelog, post it in the changelog.

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Permalink The Colors, Duke; the Colors! January 12th 2001

Yeah, well besides ripping off extremely cheesy popsicle commercials, guess what? Colors! Pleantiful (well, not that much, but… ;p) colors!

Sure, right now it’s not too user-friendly and you’ll have to enter HEX values, but it’s nice to have a heads-up on what’s going on. Go take a look at my wonderful colorizing script.

If you’re looking for a nice, fresh change, try BlueBoard’s colors:

Dark: #526478
Light: #8CA0B4
Text: Black
Hover: Blue
Footer: #8CA0B4

Now, obviosuly i’m not going to make you type those all the time, so soon to come are schemes. You’ll be able to “upload” (it’s not quite upload, you’re going to able to put them in a database, but enough of that) your schemes into a place where everyone can look around, and take their pick. Also, drop-down menus will be availabe with most common colors defined, so if you just want to do it yourself w/out HEX values, that’s an option.

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Permalink Project GT. January 12th 2001

A group of experienced leveldesigners is working on a very promising levelpack, called GT. I was asked to link to their ad.

The ad for project “Gameplay theory”

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Permalink JDC Event Added January 12th 2001

Well, we at JDC added another event. This week we are having an O/C be sure to attend, everyone always has fun. Click here to go to JDC.

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Permalink Dimension jazz's new layout January 12th 2001

The fellows at Dimension Jazz have created a new layout, with customisation features and a new news system. It’s pretty neat, although it has a few glitches, which will undoubtly be fixed soon.

Their serverlist script is also better then ours. :)

Go check it out!

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Permalink Great news! January 12th 2001

Move script

I have finally finished the move script, and that means j2o won’t die. Ever. We won’t ever run out of space, because we can now move files to our other server(s). :) I am moving some files already.. Europians will like to hear that the server is in Holland, on a lightning fast connection.


Roaster has asked me to post a link to this ad. The ad is about a pack and I am really looking forward to it. :)

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Permalink J2N moved. January 12th 2001

Jazz 2 news has moved to http://JJ2N.xoasis.com.

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Permalink I'm a loser. January 12th 2001

Its true, I lost in JDC. When going for my 50th win, I lost. I’m a puny 49-1 lifetime in JDC. I lost to the Birthday boy iCeD in Diamondus Warzone, in a great CTF duel to 10, he won 10-8. Oh well everything has to come to an end one day. I’m glad it came now. :)

On a side note, iCeD and I will take on any 4 other people in a CTF game. Making it iCeD and I vs 4 other people. We bet we can even still win too. Dare to try us? :)

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Permalink Articles section. January 12th 2001

I have finally finished our articles section.(my time is sparse, y’know) It already has some articles by Ice M A N, Stripe, me and Disguise. A great thanks goes out to their will to write articles before the section was released. And a thanks goes out to Bobby for making the edit, edit comment and delete comment scripts when I was out of time.

You can comment on articles or write your own, have fun. :)

Good articles will be told about in the news. So do your best!

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Permalink JJ2 news diseased and articles. January 12th 2001

Jj2 news deceased
Source: FoD
FoD has quit his personal site, jj2 news. But I believe noogy is going to redesign it..or so I heard. (Could be mistaken..)

Our users have submitted some very neat articles:
This link sends you to a great article by aiko, also containing an interesting comment by wakeman.
Jazz2Stuff history
Rabbits only history

Also, I almost finished the j2o customisation. When it is finished it is going to be betatested for one day by the admins and aiko(if he wants. :P).

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Permalink New Poll January 12th 2001

Well, J2O is nearly at 1000 reviews. Would you call the J2O downloads a success story?

Of Course! The J2O downloads are better than anything Jazz has ever seen! Votes: 52 46%

I like them, but J2C did it better. Votes: 45 40%

They are fine. Votes: 12 11%

No, I dislike them. Votes: 3 3%
Total Votes: 112

About time for a new poll. I’m glad you like the downloads.

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Permalink Vacation! January 12th 2001

I finished the customisation. Go to the customize page to customize index.php in any way you want. We also have 2 new sections for index.php.

What does this mean for us admins? We(except iCeD, he has to finish the links script. :P) are going to take a break from coding j2o(Not from managing it) because all the big projects are done. We will now concentrate ourselves on little bugs and improvements. And we will start the coding on pBoard, our bulletin board project. And I am going to start coding JCS.Ref.

By the way..
The newspaz has added a nice little article on how to upgrade your 1.23 to be able to play with TSF players.
Go check it!

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Permalink More news January 12th 2001

1.23-TSF patch
The newspaz has made a patch to make 1.23 TSF compatible. Check out the thread here

If you don’t dare to patch jj2, you can view his article about manually doing it here.
Project 3 interactive
Shadow GPW has digged up some real good news. Project 2 is coming back as Project 3. And that could mean jj3 is going to continue but that’s not necesarrily happening. Read the original thread here

Jdc headlines
I just finished a jdc headlines panel. You can add it to index.php using the customisation.

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Permalink News, News, News January 12th 2001

JDC Event Added

Again we are going to try an O/C, we need people to show for it to be fun though. Check JDC for more info. You better come ;P

Haze’s Jazz It Up Contest Results

Now, the news you have all been awaiting, the results:

1st place Electric IR
2nd place Newspaz

Other entries (in random order)
Eric Nelson
Talec LP

Congrats to Electric, Newspaz and everyone else on a great job. Head over to Haze’s site to check out their entries.

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Permalink jazz.logicware.com Back Up January 12th 2001

I have editted gip.php, testserverlist.php and mini_gip.php to look for list.jazzjackrabbit.com cause that list server is back up and logicware isn’t. Rejoice, Epic cares or so it might seem! :)

Update: After being up for about 20 minutes, its down again. Bah.

Update: Jazz.logicware.com is back up, but list.jazzjackrabbit.com is still down. If list.jazzjackrabbit.com comes back up, please tell everyone to get the list server patch so they can play internet games.

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Permalink J2o is backed up. January 12th 2001

J2o is now backed up entirely. Some stats:

Total size of the database: 1.38 mb
538 kb of reviews.


You should now notice huge speed increases on j2o, especially on the downloads. That’s because I fiddled a bit with the database backend and added indexes so it became faster.

(to me the speed increase is really huge..)
I will continue to work on the speed of all scripts/backends for a few days. Especially the downloads.

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Permalink We are back. January 12th 2001

So..What happened to us? I will explain. The server from communitech which j2o is on, crashed. The harddisks were empty. They needed 3 days to restore it, although they said they would need 2 days at most. Well, after a few hectic days, we are back, unfortunately our database is about a week old, so we lost some levels and reviews. The scripts that were updated in those few days will be reuploaded soon. And I will make backups from now on. ;-)

Other news

So, what happened in the community while we were gone?

The JMMB has updated their look to fit december.

Godgames is having a poll: “To which game would you like a sequel?”. Surprisingly they list jazzjackrabbit 2 there..so vote. :)

(thanks to pag who told stripe, and stripe who told the community, :)

Noogy has told us that the project2’s comeback(as project3) would not get us jj3 back..

The list.jazzjackrabbit.com listservers are back! This means everyone that did not know about the jj2 community and the serverlist patch can play jj2 online again. So it will be a boost in the number of servers online. :)
They are very unstable tho so I will work on a “epic serverlists are up”

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Permalink Sad news.. January 12th 2001

Apperently communitech’s mysql backups are newer then their normal backups, because all levels from the last week are not uploaded.. Which means some new levels give 404s..

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Permalink Tis the Season... January 12th 2001

Hey everyone! I’m actually posting some news! Yeah, I know, I’m sorry for not being able to do much for the site since I started it out… The reason is that I’ve been very busy with another site I work on, Cinemenium.com. The way things are going right now, I have to focus some time on the site before I could really do anything else. In order to finish with a major part of it and have time for Jazz2 stuff, I need some help from some PHP programmers on there that also know how to use MySQL. So if there is anyone out there, please let me know by replying to this message or e-mailing me at cinemenium@gottoseeit.com!


Hmm… now what was I gonna say… Oh yeah…

The holiday season is here, and some guys who have chosen to remain anonymous at this time, have a few gifts coming to the Jazz2Community this year! We can’t post what it is yet, but from what I’ve heard… Well, let’s just wait and see! :)

Plus, Pennywise is planning to release a new XJJ2 out soon!

So stay tuned as we have more info on these holiday festivities and feel free to post your comments on cool holiday ideas too!

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Permalink JJ2N might come back January 12th 2001

Yup. Fod is maybe going to re-release it if he gets enough support.

For more info visit http://jj2n.xoasis.com.

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Permalink New layout at Lori Central January 12th 2001

Lori central has updated it’s layout for christmas. It has new graphics and colors.

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Permalink hh98 re-released in Australia January 12th 2001

Source: jmmb(defalcon)

HH98 is re-released in Australia, you can get it at the “Big W” store.

For more info click here.

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Permalink list.jazzjackrabbit.com Back Up January 12th 2001

Yup, the main list server is back up.
Everyone should tell all the people not knowing about the list server patch to head over to J2C so they can get it.

(UPDATE: it’s down again. sigh ~iCeD)

If anyone wants to see the 15 minute log of what list.jazzjackrabbit.com does, click here (413k).

Spread the word.

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Permalink Jmmb inaccesible for most of us January 12th 2001

Yep, the jmmb is not working for most of us, but it does for some of us. Brian seems to be gone and did not know the solution any ways, but we are trying to find out how to solve it, so stay tuned.

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Permalink X-Mas Gift... January 12th 2001

Hey, just wanted you all to know that the Jazz2X-Mas gift I’ve been talking about is still being worked on by… uhm… someone. Their upcoming site will be at:

They let me know that they’ll be posting the info site on what the gift is gonna be soon…

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Permalink JMMB works again. January 12th 2001

Brian’s back, and within minutes after I contacted him he got the JMMB to work along with jeh(I think). Thanks Brian and Jeh. ;-)

And I also want to thank JohnM for helping me discover what the problem is. :)

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Permalink What will happen to Jazz3?! January 12th 2001

Hey, check out this post on the JMMB that Shadow GPW posted about Jazz3! It’s a little chat with former Orange Games, now Lost Boys programmer, Michiel Ouwehand who worked on Jazz2. Does this mean we’re getting closer to the chance of a Jazz3? Could be…

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Permalink JJ2N back up January 12th 2001

FoD’s site, JJ2N, is back up.
Head on over to
http://www.noogy.com/derek/JJ2N/index.html to see it.


Permalink JDC Final Event January 12th 2001

Yup, the greatly delayed final event has been scheduled. Head over to JDC for times and more info on what it is. :)

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Permalink v2 of palette suite released. January 12th 2001

Toxicbunny has just released version two of his palette suite. You can find it here.

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Permalink Holiday Hare 98 January 12th 2001

While browsing though the paper, I pick up the Comp USA ad thing and thumb through it to find a “Holiday Gift Pack” that just happens to contain our favorite Holiday Hare 98. :)

Hmm, this is bugging me and I’m not really sure so someone who knows their HH98 post a comment. According to the review of HH98 it contains 40 levels, and a soundtrack that will rock your holidays. Doesn’t HH98 contain only a few levels and only one special song? Or am I just insane? :)

Click here for the info on this product.

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Permalink JJ2 universe back.. January 12th 2001

Source: JMMB
No, it’s not Universe Jazz..

It’s an all-around site by Sander de Jong. You can find it here..

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Permalink Haze's hideout back January 12th 2001

Haze’s awesome site, ,“Haze’s Hideout”, is back, totally revamped with new sections, a new layout and pretty hard pants(php) powered news.


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Permalink Possum screenshots released January 12th 2001

The first possum screenshots have been released as a christmas present. You can find them at http://jazz2.nagcentral.com/skitch

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Permalink News January 12th 2001

Merry christmas!
We of the j2o staff want to wish you a merry Christmas. :)

JJ3 site up
Source: Shadow, wakeman, Jazz 2 Stuff
Steven Wakeman and co have (finally. :D) released the jj3 website. You can view some screenshots and a faq there, and can download the soundtrack. The url is http://www.nagcentral.com/j2s/jj3/index.html.

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Permalink I'll be away January 12th 2001

Just so you all know, I’ll be away tomorrow around 5 AM until January 3rd. Have fun ;P

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Permalink Ninja dodo's site redone. January 12th 2001

Ninja Dodo has completely redone his site. You can visit it at www.ninjadodo.com.

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Permalink Christmas is over in the jj2 world January 12th 2001

Lori central and Haze’s hideout have both removed their christmas decorations. The JMMB is still decorated tough.

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Permalink Happy New Year! January 12th 2001

Happy new Millennium to everyone out there! Hope you all had a great 2000 and hope you have an even better 2001!

Cya all next year! :)

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Permalink Golden awards January 12th 2001

Jazz2online has won the golden awards for best fan site for 2000..

All awards:
Lori Central
“Most Original Fansite”

Jazz Duellist Challenge
“Best JJ2 event”

Kejero’s Tomb Rabbit
“Most exciting episode of the year”


Jazz 2 Online
“Best Fansite”

(list taken from dimension jazz)

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Permalink Links Script... January 12th 2001

No, it’s not done yet.

Actually, it is! :-) Behold, after roughly 3 months of HARD WORK AND EFFORT*, I bring you the long awaited links script. Now go visit it, ignore it, and make my work feel like it isn’t worth anything.


*Lazyness and no effort.


Permalink JDC Closed For Now January 12th 2001

Yup JDC is closed for now. The season 4 results are also up along with career and old season stats.
Click here for all the info on it.

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Permalink Alex brandon and JJ1. January 12th 2001

Alexander brandon

Alexander brandon aka siren aka sandman is the composer that has made the music for jj2.

I surfed around a bit for news..
It looks like he joined hugesound.com. Find some information about him here.

I found a new interview with him and posted it here.


Link has written an article about getting JJ1 to work on fast computers. Click here to view his article.

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Permalink PHP4. January 12th 2001

We have php4 now.. That means we can compress our site output. I just installed compression functionality on index.cgi, if we are satisfied with it I will put it on more places.

Could everyone comment on the speed of index.cgi? Is the speed faster or slower?

(yes, cgi, php4 is running as a cgi module)

(for some people the speed will always be slower, especially people with highspeed modems, as the server needs time to compress the output before sending it to the browser)

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