The Colors, Duke; the Colors!

12 Jan 2001 at 20:21

Yeah, well besides ripping off extremely cheesy popsicle commercials, guess what? Colors! Pleantiful (well, not that much, but… ;p) colors!

Sure, right now it’s not too user-friendly and you’ll have to enter HEX values, but it’s nice to have a heads-up on what’s going on. Go take a look at my wonderful colorizing script.

If you’re looking for a nice, fresh change, try BlueBoard’s colors:

Dark: #526478
Light: #8CA0B4
Text: Black
Hover: Blue
Footer: #8CA0B4

Now, obviosuly i’m not going to make you type those all the time, so soon to come are schemes. You’ll be able to “upload” (it’s not quite upload, you’re going to able to put them in a database, but enough of that) your schemes into a place where everyone can look around, and take their pick. Also, drop-down menus will be availabe with most common colors defined, so if you just want to do it yourself w/out HEX values, that’s an option.

- Cheeze


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