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Looks like posting reviews was broken for a few days. Woops! Should work again. Stijn

Permalink Zeal Alpha competition October 28th 2012

Source: JJ2 Clan Ladder

You might have heard that the Zeal Alpha server has a monthly system for ranking players. The owner and all-around cool guy, DanZeal, has announced a competition for taking place next month. November’s #1 CTFer will walk away with a dedicated server of any kind, free of charge. That team hotel server you’ve always wanted but never got around to making? Better get your game on.

So it’s kinda simple, play, get your pwnage and win a server!

“Click here to join Zeal Alpha.”:jj2:// [Wait what? You can run JJ2 with links?]


Quick news bit:

Epic Games will be giving a "swag pack" to five random people who carve Epic-related images onto pumpkins and send them photos on Facebook. For Jazz, use the general Epic facebook page. Full details here. Violet CLM

Quick news bit:

Picture search works again. Stijn

Permalink New Poll October 11th 2012

A new poll! Remember those? Isn’t this exciting? Are you excited? Because I’m excited, I’ve never been so excited except CHECK OUT THE RESULTS FOR THE OLD POLL!

Best secret level?
Birdland 6 votes (13%)
Medivo (JJ1) 5 votes (10%)
Technoir 0 vote (0%)
Scraparap 1 vote (2%)
Nippius 2 votes (4%)
Marbelara 0 vote (0%)
Battleships 4 votes (8%)
Industrius 2 votes (4%)
Stonar 0 vote (0%)
Deserto 6 votes (13%)
Holidaius 0 vote (0%)
Candion 2 votes (4%)
Return of Birdland 7 votes (15%)
Far Out 1 vote (2%)
DiamSecr 0 vote (0%)
Tube3 6 votes (13%)
Gargoyle's Lair 4 votes (8%)
Total votes: 46

It looks like people really like secret levels where you morph into another creature! Obviously quite a few jokers expressed a preference for Tube3, but I’m slightly more hesitant to attribute the Medivo (JJ1) votes to blatant lies… dunno. I would say that this or that secret level needs more love, but I honestly can’t remember anything at all about the Stonar one right now, so maybe your mistrust is well placed. Except for DiamSecr, I mean.

Anyhow! We here in the world of people who have played games before give JJA its share of flak, but it’s not the only less than perfect entry in the franchise. Do its ripped graphics and slow speed win your heart? Or are you fonder of the buggy experience that is the illegal JJ3 alpha? Are you forever drawn to the JJ2 Castle soundtrack played over Jazz blowing up snakes in a grassy field? Or do you really really enjoy green snowy menus? Which is the best also-ran playable experience?


Permalink EGFPE3 delayed October 5th 2012

Unfortunately, due to an unexpected change in my workload I will not be able to make the planned release date of October 29 for Episodic Ground Force Pack Episode 3. Late December looks likely.

probably nobody remembers this

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Permalink CliffyB leaves Epic Games October 4th 2012

Source: Epic Games

The title says it all:

Today we are saying farewell with warm regards to Cliff Bleszinski, who is departing as Epic’s design director to chart the next stage of his career.

On the community’s behalf I’d like to thank Cliff for his hard work (not just on Jazz!) and wish all the best in his future endeavours.


Permalink Looking for Testers October 3rd 2012

I’m looking for testers for my new episode pack. No response yet on the JCF, so I“m posting here to try and find some people.

Full details can be found here: http://www.jazz2online.com/jcf/showthread.php?p=476561#post476561

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Permalink Music preview enabled October 1st 2012

You can now preview several types of music files in the downloads section (mostly MOD and XM). Simply go to the file’s page (click on “more downloads containing this file” while previewing it on a download page) and if playback is supported by the song and your browser, a “Listen to this song”-link will appear once the song has loaded.