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While doing some maintenance, the J2O database became corrupted and a backup from Nov 10 had to be restored. If you submitted anything to J2O after that, I'm afraid it's gone. Sorry! On the plus side, editing reviews should work again. Stijn

Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit 2 soundtrack November 6th 2012

Source: YouTube

Hello fellow Jazzers,

I’ve posted a video on Youtube containing the entire soundtrack made for Jazz Jackrabbit 2. This includes unreleased tracks and tracks that were meant to be used. So if you really like Jazz2 music, this music has plenty. The video is 1080p and the audio is HQ. It consists of 32 tracks and is around 1 hour and 8 minutes long.

It also has plenty of information about the tracks you might never heard of and links to the active jazz2 community sites. So hopefully people out there will not only miss out on jazz2 tracks they forgot about, but also start contributing to this community!

Happy listening!

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Permalink Noogy draws Jazz again November 2nd 2012

Source: Twitter

Dean Dodrill/Noogy, creator of Lori and TSF and much of JJ3, just drew Jazz again! It’s acknowledging CliffyB departing Epic, and depicts Jazz leaning on a gun from one of Epic’s games while holding a book.

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