Jazz2Online news for April 2003

Permalink Jazz @ Bluesnews.com April 23rd 2003

“This week’s logo features Jazz Jackrabbit, the classic platform game by Epic MegaGames.”
Yup, you aren’t blind at all! It’s really Jazz Jackrabbit as the Logo for this week on Bluesnews.com. I think it’s kinda nice to see big news sites like these remember the Rabbit from the past. So I kinda hope he gets more attention in the near future Hints to CliffyB and Epic Games
Anyway for now he has a week of diehard fame as the Bluesnews.com logo!

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Permalink LoriCentral needs your help April 13th 2003

The JCF post about this has been there for a long time now but I’ll post here as news to get more attention to it.
The Lori Central team is looking for a new team of newsposters. Since they really cannot handle it anymore, they have asked “YOU” to help. So what do they ask from you? “Being trustful, having knowledge of HTML and PHP, and enough free time to keep working on it.” Thats probably all! Post a message on the Lori Central Forum if you are interested.
Good luck on your possible new job!

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Permalink Quakenet Upgraded April 13th 2003

The Quakenet IRC Network (where #jj2 is hosted) had some IRCD network upgrades and now has some l33t new options for people that are registered and authed with Q!
One of the nifty new functions is hostname protections so you won’t see your hostmask anymore but you get ident@yourname.quakenet.org, for example “ins0mnia@[GpW]ShadoW.users.quakenet.org”. So it looks a lot more “pro” and cool with that than a dull hostmask.
There are a few more new protections and functions now for the Q users so give it a quick read at www.quakenet.org
Have fun chatting on #jj2 (irc.quakenet.org)!

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Permalink Possible New Sequel April 13th 2003

Sources: JCF Post 1, JCF Post 2
Some of you may have been suspecting this all along, what with the various rumours circulating, but now we actually have some concrete evidence. In a televised interview with CliffyB, he made a direct reference to Jazz Jackrabbit possibly appearing in a future game. We also have a rather curious picture which Shadow recieved that seems to resemble Jazz. Read the JCF topics for more details.
I say this is the best rumour since it.


Permalink Anniversary Bash 5 times April 10th 2003

I’m just posting this to inform you that both Bash servers will be up this Friday at 7:00PM EST. You can go here to see what time this is for you.
We’d like to thank Paul for hosting this for us.
And once again we encourage everyone to download the packs so the servers are not bogged down with people downloading tilesets and levels.

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Permalink CliffyB on IRC April 10th 2003

Yesterday night (or evening), CliffyB, the lead designer and level editor of Epic Games, dropped by our IRC channel for some fun (#jj2 / irc.Quakenet.org).
Now, as nice as we are, I’ve posted part of the log online at the JCF. Though there is not much news and there are not many questions answered, I suggest everyone gives it a quick read.

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Permalink Happy Birthday to Jazz 2! April 10th 2003

Well, today is the official fifth birthday of Jazz 2. Five years ago today, the shareware version of Jazz 2 was released. It has been five years of some times, both good and bad, but the community has made it through and is still alive and kicking after all this time. So, happy fifth birthday to Jazz 2! May the community be here for many years to come.

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Permalink Anniversary Bash 5 CTF Pack Released April 9th 2003

The Capture the Flag Anniversary Bash level pack is now available here. Sorry for the delay on it – BlurredD suddenly disappeared right before it was going to be released. BlurredD put most of the levels in the pack, but I shuffled them around a bit and set up the looping and the ZIP file itself and everything. It wasn’t easy, but it was sometimes fun. Hope to see you all at AB5!
I’d like to add that we desperatly want you to download the packs, and unzip them into your Jazz2 folder. So we can make sure the servers keep running, and won’t crash due to download lag.

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Permalink Anniversary Bash 5 Battle Pack Released April 9th 2003

The battle pack for anniversary bash 5 is currently available here. Congratulations to all of the people who have levels in this pack, a complete list can be found in the readme file. A special thanks goes to Trafton for making the battle pack this year. Finding and looping the levels is a much larger task than you would imagine, so be sure to thank him. :)
The CTF pack will be released as soon as possible, hopefully tomorrow morning at the latest.

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Permalink Anniversary Bash 5 April 8th 2003

I’m proud to announce once again that this weekend we will celebrate another year of Jazz. The shareware version of the game was released April 9, 1998 – nearly 5 years ago. It has been a terrific few years and we have each other to thank for keeping this game alive.
As for the group servers, we expect to be running the main bash servers on Saturday April 12 through Sunday April 13. However, servers will likely run before and after these times. Level packs containing the CTF and battle levels will be released soon and we’ll update the news to show you exactly where to get them. I encourage everyone to download the packs when they are released so the servers are not bogged down with people downloading tilesets and levels.
Here’s to five years and still going strong.

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