Quakenet Upgraded

13 Apr 2003 at 17:29

The Quakenet IRC Network (where #jj2 is hosted) had some IRCD network upgrades and now has some l33t new options for people that are registered and authed with Q!
One of the nifty new functions is hostname protections so you won’t see your hostmask anymore but you get ident@yourname.quakenet.org, for example “ins0mnia@[GpW]ShadoW.users.quakenet.org”. So it looks a lot more “pro” and cool with that than a dull hostmask.
There are a few more new protections and functions now for the Q users so give it a quick read at www.quakenet.org
Have fun chatting on #jj2 (irc.quakenet.org)!

- ShadowGPW


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