Jazz2Online news for May 2003

Permalink Please Use the Reupload Function May 10th 2003

Lately, it seems that a lot of people have uploaded “fixed” versions of levels only a few minutes after they upload the originals. These “fixed” versions usually consist of only a few small bug fixes. If you need to upload a fixed or improved version of a level, please use the reupload function. The reupload function can be accessed by going to your upload’s page and clicking “Edit info / reupload” to the right of the upload name. Not only will this conserve database space, but it will increase the chances that your upload will be reviewed.
Any trivial “fix” or “expansion” upload that is not needed will be promptly deleted. The same goes for uploading the same level with and without music, uploading the same level with a small tileset change, etcetera.
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I am making this addition to the newspost to stress the importance of doing what Trafton just said. Only upload a new version of a file (instead of reuploading) if it is very important for users to get the new version and the old version is off the recent uploads page. Otherwise, your upload will be deleted, possibly without warning.

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