Jazz2Online news for June 2003

Permalink J2O Move-Related Problems June 29th 2003

There have been a few various problems centered around J2O’s changing hosts, the most major of which is the inability to review. Unfortunately, any review posted since the move can not be recovered. We are currently working to resolve the bug preventing posts, but there is no way to recover those reviews; they must be reposted.
Additionally, any site hosted on J2O that is in a folder with a ~ before the name (such as /~j3f or /~fquist) is not currently functional. This is also currently being resolved, although fixing that problem may take a while.
If you find any more bugs, please post them here. Sorry for any inconvenience caused directly by this. It may be a while, but everything is being fixed as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your patience.

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Permalink Comments don't work June 27th 2003

Comments don’t work at the moment. We apologize for this. Please have patience while we try to resolve the issue.

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Permalink Moving June 23rd 2003

We have changed over to a new machine on the same host that I have. Hopefully we recovered everything that was lost. However, a few settings or updates may have been lost of J2O or the JCF. If you find something that was different please update it again or contact an administrator.
Also, with the move, more pages than usual may not work on J2O, if you find any please tell Fquist, iCeD, or me.
*note, posting comments may or may not work just yet. Also, don’t try and post any more news until we fix the comments.
*another note, if you had a real POP3 email account on J2O you will need to contact Fquist, iCeD, or me about recreating that.

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Permalink JCF upgrade June 22nd 2003

The forums have been upgraded to a totally new version, vBulletin 3 beta.
This broke many things, partly because it’s a beta. Please have some patience while the problems are fixed.
We hope you enjoy the new features.

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Permalink Old Levels archive June 21st 2003

Forum topic: Old, old, old levels. :)
For those who are missing (very) old levels, or those who would like to download some, Link has put up a site containing alot or most of them.
There are around 1600 levels there, from what I could count, and you will probally be able to find what you’re looking for. If you send levels that are really old, Link will add them, he says.
Anyways, this is a good opportunity to download some old levels you have been wanting for awhile.
Edit by Trafton: Just correcting the link.


Permalink jazz2online.com... June 15th 2003

…Has officially been renewed by me.
For the next year, anyway. If you recieve any downtime, you may still access J2O through the IP (listed below). But your ISP should get it’s DNSes updated fairly quickly.
accepts tonnes of overwhelming and well-deserved praise


Permalink Lost Boys Becomes Guerrilla June 13th 2003

Source: CnVg
Lost Boys Games, also known as Orange Games in the past, has changed their name again. This probably is because they wanted to get more distance from Lost Boys itself and focus more on their project “Kin”, or “Killzone”. Also, with the recent deals with Sony it’s also not suprising they are doing this. Sony was impressed by the techology of the new games, so they kept the contract. Sadly, LostBoys is losing their games division because of that.
I’ve asked Arjan Brussee what’s going on but he won’t even speak with me about it. Anyhow, you can read a lot more about the name change and happenings of the old Jazz Jackrabbit 2 develop team here

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Permalink Beep beep June 13th 2003

Jazz2Online.com is accidently expiring today as far as I know – I never received any bill or inquiry from our domain registrar and they did not reply to the support ticket I sent them a while ago.
The site will go down. Use this url to access stuff on our server:
I am sorry for the trouble.

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