Jazz2Online news for July 2003

Permalink Alberto's patch July 25th 2003

This wasn’t in the news, but Alberto has made a nice utility recently. It’s an alternative server patch. His description of this tool is: “In case a new servers list or the official one goes down, you’ll still be able to play your favorite game.”
Warning: You need to patch your game to the latest 1.23 version and then apply this patch, otherwise you’ll get an error message saying your animation file is corrupted. And back up your registry before applying it, in case something goes horribly wrong.
Go download this useful file and give it a nice rating.

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Permalink JDC Poll regarding changes in scoring July 21st 2003

Source: JCF
I have posted a poll on the JCF which regards 3 on 3 games and some changes that will occur soon to how they are scored. Everyone who is a JDC member should vote on this and give their opinions, since they will affect our (the JDC administration’s) decision.


Permalink Project *that* aka JCS 94 is here. July 15th 2003

The first ever public release of a jazz1 level editor is here. It is fan made, but functional.
You can download it here.
Note: There is no longer a VB Runtimes installer in the new version that has been uploaded, so there should be no more problems pertaining to Internet Explorer on Windows 98 (unless you installed the old VB Runtimes from the older version).
- Derby
Update 7/19: For everyone with a problem with windows 98 and Internet Explorer, I finally found a solution to our problems. I pasted the information needed in this thread.
- Bobby aka Dizzy

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Permalink List Server Update July 12th 2003

A few months ago the domain www.logicware.com was bought out by a different company, moving the old logicware team list server to the domain www.contrabandent.com. The new people at www.logicware.com agreed to forward all connections to jazz.logicware.com (the old list server) to jazz.contrabandent.com. However, yesterday forwarding appeared to stop working correctly. Hopefully it will continue to work soon, but in the meantime everyone should update his or her registry settings.
To update your registry, please download and open the file located here. For the adventurous people out there, you may want to read the manual directions.

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Permalink JDC Has Returned July 11th 2003

Source: JDC
After a long period inactivity, JDC is finally back. The website has been redesigned with a new layout by Spaztic and much of it has been recoded by Bobby. The system still works the same (with points, duels etc), but it is now improved. The season will begin tomorrow, Friday July 11th at 5:00 PM EST with a CTF event (see events page for more detail). Please take a look at the site to familiarize yourself with it, and make sure you log in. Users who do not log in this season will not be able to be in duels or events, because their accounts will be considered inactive. You do NOT have to create a new account. For any password related problems, please contact an administrator and it will be sorted out.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new JDC season, and if you have any problems with the new site or comments, please feel free to tell us.

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