Jazz2Online news for August 2003

Permalink Random factoid August 30th 2003

J2O version 2 has 20,357 lines of code now, counting comments/whitespace.
Some more facts:
JDC has 7527 lines of code (most or all of them written by just one person, Bobby, I might add).
The forum software we use for the forums, vBulletin, consists of 89670 lines of code. (ouch)

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Permalink A Reminder About Uploading August 27th 2003

This news post is now available in low-calorie article form:

Click Here
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Permalink It's new! August 9th 2003

I just felt like saying that J2O v2, which is still in the works – and about 65% or 70% done – will have a new layout.
Now cheer.

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Permalink International JJ2 meeting August 1st 2003

On the 17th of August there will be an international meeting for Jazz Jackrabbit fans in themepark “De Efteling” in the Netherlands. Everyone is free to come as long as he drops us an e-mail first telling us he’s coming.
All details about the meeting can be found on the official website, which is located here. There’s also a JCF topic up about the meeting which can be found here.