Jazz2Online news for September 2003

Permalink JDC Season 8 Awards September 26th 2003

Source: JDC
Jazz Duelist Champion Thunder 2135 points
Duel Hero Cell 100 wins
Rabbit Exterminator Thunder 1227 roasts/ctf points/2on2 points
Enemy Ravager Thunder +21 win streak
Casualty Soldier James aka Jman 12.13:1 roast:fall ratio
Contest Victor Pyromanus 4 main event wins
Dedicated Player Cell 211 duels/2on2 matches
Dedicated Event Player BunnyElmer 76 events
Bravery Award* Unhit 75.4% average opponent quality
Coward Award* BunnyBee 10.7% average opponent quality
Event Master Thunder 541 event points
Round Champion Cell 4 rounds won
Team Player Cell 87 2vs2 games
CTF Master BlurredD 15:1 win:loss for 2vs2 matches
Elite Player Unhit 68.1% average opponent quality when a duel was won
Commentator BlurredD Longest comment – 1728 characters
*15 or more duels required for awards

First off, I would like to congratulate all of the award winners. This season has been extremely successful and I amso pleased with the results. JDC is possible thanks to the dedication of everyone involved, especially the other administrators and officials. I am indebted to all of their support.

As far as the future is concerned, anything is possible. However, there will most likely be another season some time during or before next summer.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did this year. See you all on JJ2!
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Permalink List Server Clarificaion September 9th 2003

Quoted from Nimrod-Online.com
There was once a time when there where three main list servers:
mail.godgames.com (Never knew this one to be active though)
Sadly all but one of them went, and also the remaining one has changed address (jazz.contrabandent.com now). The Jazz Jackrabbit 2 List Server program was designed to work with multiple list servers around the internet, all sharing their ‘current online game servers’ list. This was designed so that if one of them failed, there would be other ones to back it up, and people could continue to play Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Online.
But now as we’re running on just one ‘always on’ list server, the jazz.contrabandent.com one, when that server goes offline none of us can play online! In an attempt to fix this, Monolith, Alberto and Flea decided to host temporary list servers when the main ones went offline, sadly though when the main ones went down, a lot of people didn’t realize this, unless they visited the Jazz2online Forums.
Now Monolith and Alberto, and along with myself, Nimrod, have decided to fix this once and for all! Using the Dedicated Server I own, (hosted in London, United Kingdom) we have made a permanent solution to the problem. A list server that’s permanently online, to mirror the other one. Now if everyone updates their Jazz Jackrabbit 2 with the TWO list servers, if one of them goes down, people can continue to play normally! Also as an extra benefit, as the load is put onto two servers now, it should speed up both of them.
For European users also, this allows them to use a list server closer to them, as jazz.nimrod-online.com is hosted in London, in the United Kingdom, which will allow Europeans to access the list server slightly faster, as it doesn’t have to connect to the current one all the way in the United States of America.
Bobby has decided that he would like the new server list hosted at nimrod-online.com to be fully tested for a couple of weeks, to check factors like: mirroring, uptime, reliability etc. He will not be issuing an offical patch yet on jazz2online.com that makes use of the new list server, until the testing is complete. Which is reasonable as we don’t want jazzers updating their jj2 to use both list servers, then find there is a big problem with one of the list servers.
Some ‘BETA’ patches were released, which were used when the Nimrod-Online.com team, and their close friends were testing the new list server, these are still available but please understand the following before you download them: They use ONLY the jazz.nimrod-online.com list server, they were designed for TESTING PURPOSES and the patches are recommended for testing purposes ONLY. Use at your own risk. You can download the BETA patches here.

In a couple of weeks we will most likely be issuing a new jj2 list server patch. It is recommended that when this patch is released you download it and update your JJ2.

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Permalink New listserver September 8th 2003

Nimrod was kind enough to use his dedicated server to run a jazz2 listserver. It is currently running at this very moment, and has been for a few days meaning it should prove to be quite reliable in the long run. If you wish to edit your jj2 regestry to include it, the listserver is jazz.nimrod-online.com. It is also a mirror to jazz.contrabandent.com, meaning that whichever listserver you host on, your server will display on both. A new jazz listserver patch should be released soon, wich will automatically update your regestry. This listserver isn’t running because the main one is going to close. It’s just good to have two.
[TSUIQ KNARF adds: Here you can find the thread about the server on Nimrod’s site.]
Edit by Bobby:
A patch will not be released on J2O until we can verify the stability of the mirroring process in the Jazz List Server Program. If the two list servers manage to co-exist for a couple of weeks a patch will be given and it will be recommended that everyone update. We do not want to give a patch out prematurely because there would be consequences if the List Server Program did not mirror reliably.

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Permalink Quakenet Breaks Yet Another Record September 1st 2003

The IRC server which #jj2 is hosted on has broken the user record with a whopping 200,000 simultaneous users.
From the QuakeNet page:
“QuakeNet reaches 200,000 Concurrent Users
31/08/2003 – QuakeNet, tonight consolidated it’s position as the world’s largest chat network, with more than 200,000 people connected concurrently. The actual user peak eventually reached 201,401 users, 1401 users more than the 200,000 user mark.
QuakeNet, which has more than 400,000 registered users, is home to the largest and most dynamic communities in the world, and currently has approximately 50 chat servers installed at major ISP’s across Europe and the US. “

This means that little #jj2 is in the middle of the world’s largest IRC network.
You can read more about the record-breaking here.

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