Jazz2Online news for October 2003

Permalink Project: List Server - Final October 28th 2003

Nimrod’s serverlist patch is out now. As our last news post on this subject said, the testing for the patch was done but the server was undergoing some vital upgrades. These are done and Nimrod has given us the go-ahead to release the patch now.
The patch can be downloaded here. The listserver is hosted on a dedicated server running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, which should be extra stable. The server is located in the UK, which means that this new listserver will be extra fast to Europeans.
This patch, which will improve the availability of the listservers – which are needed to play online – by making sure that if one of the servers is down, the other one is still up, is endorsed by the Jazz2Online staff.
The .zip file contains two .reg files: Europe.reg and America.reg. You should doubleclick the file which is more appropiate for you. (If you live in or near Europe, click the Europe file, et vice versa for the US)
Even though there is barely a possibility that this might damage your computer, we have to say the J2O staff and Nimrod are not responsible for any damage this may cause to your computer. You should back up your registry before using this patch.

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Permalink Server Info October 22nd 2003

Courtesy of Spazzyman of J2HG our Serverlist Script now contains an info link. If you click it, it will redirect you to a script at a site of Spazzyman which will show the current level in the server and the people it contains.
The script and the interaction with the script from our site are not totally finished yet, but will be soon.
Have fun.

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Permalink Project: List Server - update October 20th 2003

Source: Haze’s Hideout
As the testing of a new UK based Jazz Jackrabbit listserver has come to an end, Nimrod is proud to inform us all that the tests were succesful. As in the coming weeks the server, on which the listserver will be hosted, is to undergo some upgrades we’re asked to wait just a little bit longer.
As soon as the go-ahead is given, patches will be posted up on all major Jazz Jackrabbit-websites, allowing you to connect to this new listserver. Nimrod’s listserver will be especially useful to European players, whom may have been experiencing high ping rates in the past by having to connect to overseas listservers. Alongside the listserver a website will be launched, catering you with up-to-date information on the listserver and related downloads.
So keep your fingers crossed and a close eye on your favorite Jazz Jackrabbit-websites, as the patch is but only a few weeks away. In the mean time more information may be found on Nimrod-Online.com.

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Permalink New Upload Categories October 19th 2003

FQuist has very nicely added two new categories to uploads – JJ2 Utility and JJ1 Levels. The former of which has always been filed under the “Other” category, and the latter of which is new to J2O. That’s right – you can now upload your very own Jazz Jackrabbit 1 levels for others to review! You can make them using this program. (NOTE: Major learning curve and somewhat buggy, but very good). All JJ2 utilities that I know of have been converted to their proper categories. The same rules that apply to reviewing anything else apply to reviewing JJ1 levels.
Happy programming and level-making! Oh, yes, and bow to FQuist for taking the time to write the code for the two new categories.

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Permalink Q Account Hackers October 3rd 2003

Yesterday after more than four years of using the IRC network QuakeNet, #jj2 was invaded by someone who broke into my account. The attackers first performed a Denial of Service (DoS) attack against my computer to slow it down. Then, the attacker broke into my computer via a little-known hole in Windows XP. After that, he took over all the channels I have +n in (including #jj2) and banned everyone.
Luckily, primary (a QuakeNet operator) was nice enough to help out. But everyone out there should be careful. Any service – NickServ, XBot, etc. – is vulnerable and everyone should immediately update their Windows XP patches in addition to never sending your password to anyone.
I want to warn EVERYBODY that it could happen to anyone on any time. Therefore, I’ve written a small column for the ClanBase site in regards to protecting yourself from attacks like these. You can never be 100% safe but if you are careful, you can improve your chances of avoiding an attack. I’ve copied and pasted the valuable document to J2O as well now, but I have to say that it’s still very ClanBase-related but you probably will get the point after reading it.
Click here to read the column or clickhere for the forum post. :-)
NOTE: #jj2 has been restored successfully. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the bannings.

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