Jazz2Online news for November 2003

Permalink Disguise's Tileset Resource finished November 30th 2003

Source: JCF
Perhaps the best resource for information on making tilesets ever made has been completed. Everything you would ever need or want know about tilesets can be located from here. So everyone go visit and enjoy.

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Permalink "Crackdown" on Poor Ratings November 25th 2003

There have, throughout the past months, been a barrage of complaints about ratings on J2O today. There are few who would disagree that there is a problem of people writing poor reviews and rating without supporting their arguement. On that note, I’d like to remind everyone that:
1. Reviews should always contain details regarding the reason for which a rating was given.
2. Reviews that simply contain no text will be removed. If this practice is repeated chronically, punishment may be given.
3. Simply referring to someone else’s review or saying that you agree with them does NOT constitute a proper review. If you have nothing to add to the reviews that are already there, do not submit a review.
4. N/A reviews – or rated reviews, for that matter – that simply consist of irrelevant talk will be removed.
5. While most unsupported rating removals will result in no consequence, an excessive amount may result in notification of possible offense. If this notification is ignored, a punishment may be given. It still, however, remains a fairly minor offense.
6. This is an important one: Rating your own level for ANY reason or rating another’s level biasedly because of personal connection is a much more severe offense, and typically is met with at least a subwarning.
This rules have always standed, but Violet (who is doing a trial period as an administrator) and I, along with the rest of the administrators, have begun enforcing this more lately. The number of complaints is simply too high. Please, when posting a review, try to do your best job. A few details is all that is asked. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

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