J2O Move-Related Problems

29 Jun 2003 at 08:05

There have been a few various problems centered around J2O’s changing hosts, the most major of which is the inability to review. Unfortunately, any review posted since the move can not be recovered. We are currently working to resolve the bug preventing posts, but there is no way to recover those reviews; they must be reposted.
Additionally, any site hosted on J2O that is in a folder with a ~ before the name (such as /~j3f or /~fquist) is not currently functional. This is also currently being resolved, although fixing that problem may take a while.
If you find any more bugs, please post them here. Sorry for any inconvenience caused directly by this. It may be a while, but everything is being fixed as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your patience.

- Trafton


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