Anniversary Bash 5

8 Apr 2003 at 02:41

I’m proud to announce once again that this weekend we will celebrate another year of Jazz. The shareware version of the game was released April 9, 1998 – nearly 5 years ago. It has been a terrific few years and we have each other to thank for keeping this game alive.
As for the group servers, we expect to be running the main bash servers on Saturday April 12 through Sunday April 13. However, servers will likely run before and after these times. Level packs containing the CTF and battle levels will be released soon and we’ll update the news to show you exactly where to get them. I encourage everyone to download the packs when they are released so the servers are not bogged down with people downloading tilesets and levels.
Here’s to five years and still going strong.

- Bobby aka Dizzy


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