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Permalink Featured Download May 30th 2010

Featured Download

Mission Spaz: Foreseeable Future by Newspaz

Custom JJ1 levels rarely come along, usually made only by a few select fans of the game. This episode is groundbreaking as it contains the very first JJ1 levels to be released using custom tilesets. They all happen to be conversions of JJ2 tilesets, but they do not clash graphically, and they give JJ1 a slightly more “modern” feel. Along with Newspaz’ JJ1 Level Editor, this should promote the creation of more custom JJ1 levels. It offers a new challenge in comparsion to JCSing for JJ2, and is definitely reccomended for those level designers eager to try something different. The levels themselves are of high quality, and carry on the tradition of being more difficult than most JJ2 levels due to the technical limitations during play. Whether you’re into level design or just want something to occupy your time on a boring day, this is highly recommended!

For the most part you’re just treated to pretty graphics, new and very memorable level designs, and a sense of inspiration as you realize how many things JJ1 can do if you give it a chance.
Review by Violet CLM (8.5)

While having a definite JJ2 atmosphere, the tiles used and their manipulation definitely gives a unique feel to the levels that is not quite here nor there.
Review by Doubble Dutch (7.7)


Permalink New J1E version May 11th 2010

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Newspaz has released an updated version of J1E, his JJ1 editor.

Amongst several bugfixes and improvements (the editor is much faster now, for example) it comes with a bundled JJ1 bonus level editor – the first of its kind. You can find it in the link above.

Unlike the previous versions, this one supplies some documentation, and if you have any questions about it, you can ask them in this JCF thread.


Permalink Important Thing for Levels Making May 6th 2010

How make levels better.
First you must answer on those questions:
1.What currently you want make.
2.What about this level will be…(sorry, my english sux)
3.This is sinlge player, CTf or Battle…If SP it must have story…
4.This level from Pack or its single level?
5.Your experience are good in JCF or no…If no, train on level making your experience…
Ok, now you must feel and think on 110%, because making of level, not easy thing…
First you must feel, FEEL and FEEL, what you want make…Then you must use your brain and answer on some questions:
1.This level will be cool for more people, or it’ll be sucky like first level of newbie…
2.Have this level good tileset?
3.I have some bad tiles which can make level view poor?
4.I showed this level to some my friends for betatesting, or im right what this level is Good…

Every JCS user must know, what he want…
But plz, newbies and bad level makers, Train on your JCS experience, dont make levels for JJ2 in first day, because good levels never will be in first day of JCSer…If you wanna make good levels, view (very good)other levels, look and find some things which like more people…Do levels, do levels, dont upload levels to j2o in first month…And remember: one of importana things: Its betatesting of you and other people…
Plz sorry for my poor english

Thank you for reading my post… -Crazy Rabbit aka DiegoSan

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