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Permalink Featured Download #2 June 30th 2010

Featured Download

GM Unfinished by Snooze

GM, despite being unfinished as the name would suggest, is definitely one of the better SP episodes for a long while. The highlight of the pack here are the fully custom sets, made specifically for each level. As a result, each level is highly stylized and is designed in a specific way based around the features of each tileset – this something which most people do not have the effort or the talent to do. These levels clearly show the advantages of individual set creation per level, as they capitalize on that factor to full effect. Aside from the pretty visuals, all three of the levels play well as well. The coin collecting gameplay is enjoyable, especially for those who enjoy exploring every nook and cranny during a level for goodies.

I’ve seen these levels so many times and I regret the fact that snz doesn’t finish this pack. These are 3 excellent Single Player levels. While Dreamless had great levels too, snz has improved with making SP levels. I look forward to the project that he is working on. Anyway, I recommend these levels for everyone that likes Single Player. Review by DarkSonic (9.1)

Actually, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t give this pack a 10. Everything’s just as great as it can, not counting some downside spikes which don’t hurt, but such a detail won’t change the perfect rating from me. Review by Sir Ementaler (10.0)

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Featured Download

RaneforusV by Violet CLM

Violet CLM is known for his outstanding tileset editing abilities, and RaneforusV is no exception. Not only does this conversion make Raneforus a viable set choice, but also expands on it greatly, allowing for many unique and wonderful visual designs in a level, which are not possible with other sets. There are four different palettes available,
which each come with their own unique tiles, to give a true reason to use one palette over another than simply for colour preference. This tileset is absolutely reccommended for anyone into JCSing, as it offers many interesting features for one to work with, most notably the ability to make thin platforms still look asthetically pleasing.

It’s not a perfect set, and it has its flaws, but that’s the beauty of it. Just like every remarkable diamond has a scratch or two, so every worthwhile upload on J2O has a tarnished spot. Don’t let it scare you away. Download today.Review by PT32 (9.1)

In the past tense, we sacrifice some pretty useless looking tiles for stone and gravel taken and edited from Jungrock and Stonar, plus we get some new background to play with. Overall, it’s really awesome. You can make a really ancient looking jungle level with this. The palette is all switched around, and some old school tiles are included to just make this really have a great atmosphere. Cool.Review by Lark (8.2)


Permalink JDC Season 19 details June 30th 2010

Source: JDC

As the previous posts indicates, a new season of JDC is starting this friday, July 2nd. This news post is to inform you that the site is now up and running, and you may log in.

As usual, all accounts have been set to “inactive” status. If you are planning on participating this season, please log in now so your account is marked as active. This will make it easier for officials and admins to give you points in any events you participate in, and will allow people to select your name when adding duels.

If you have any problems logging in, please send me a message (either a PM on j2o or the JCF) and I will reset your password. You do not need to make a new account. Also, please report any bugs you find (if there are any, it would be nice to get them sorted out quickly).

Regarding the opening event: the details are still being discussed, but at least some CTF is likely (and anything else will probably be team based as well). It is also likely that JJ2+ will be needed to play, possibly to allow room for more than 16 players for the first time in JDC history…



NEXT TILESETS WILL BE: CastleIce.j2t,Carrotus.j2t,
Xmas Carrotus.j2t and others
Next list of levels: SP levels,Battle levels and
CTF Levels

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Permalink JDC 19 starting soon June 26th 2010

Next JDC season.

Friday, July 2nd.

That is all.


Permalink J2B and PSM support for OpenMPT June 19th 2010

Source: JCF Thread

Jojo, maintainer of OpenMPT, the open source successor of the popular ModPlug Tracker, announces that the newest version 1.18 supports both PSM files (used by Jazz Jackrabbit 1) and J2B (JJ2) files.

What does this mean? Well, basically it means that you can use OpenMPT to play, edit and export the sound files included with both games. Soundtracks of both JJ1 and JJ2 have been converted to other, more accessible formats before, but those never sounded 100% like what you hear in the games. However, OpenMPT promises to play them back accurately, so that should be great news for all fans of the soundtracks. You can download version 1.18 here.


Permalink New June 14th 2010

Hi!Do you now jazz jackrabbit sikret files?This is cool new part with new little rabbit-Lori!She is a girlfrend with Spaz!She is know karate and she not know super jump like Jazz and Spaz…Yes,this is very cool and funny new part!

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Permalink Interview with Jazz Jackrabbit artist Nick Stadler June 7th 2010

An interview with Nick Stadler, the animator, tileset designer and art came from him for Jazz Jackrabbit and Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It’s been more than 13 years since Jeh interviewed Nick Stadler about the game. So it’s about time that we asked Nick a few questions.

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Permalink JJnet Duel Tournament Level Contest June 4th 2010

Source: JCF Thread

Vivando is organizing a level making competition for the upcoming JJnet Duel Tournament v2.0:

I have a mappool planned pretty far for the next tournament, but it’s not complete yet. To find some variety, and due to the lack of good duel-levels in this game and community, I am challenging you to a duel-level creation contest. The best 1-3 maps(depending on the amount of decent entries submitted) of the contest would be added to the final tournament mappool. Now here you have a chance to affect. Also I will be looking for 1-3 referees/judges to judge the entries at the end of the contest. The more entries, the more I need points of view to make proper conclusions.

August 1st is the deadline, so you have plenty of time to make something. Since he is asking for duel levels, it shouldn’t be too hard to make a level for it, if you’re interested.

See the thread for more information, and specific guidelines regarding the contest.