Jazz2Online news for July 2010

Permalink Assassin's Creed July 27th 2010

Well..Everybody wants to play this game (the real game)
But not on jj2 :P
Sorry but my english sux and i will be short
This is what contains my SP pack :
—->46 levels
—->Ultra lifelike action
—->Cool music and sounds


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Permalink New Jazz2Online Layout July 27th 2010

You may or may not remember the launch of “J2Ov2” in 2004, in which this site got its current layout among a lot of other new features. Designed by Ovi Demetrian, also known as GraphixJJF, it’s served us well over the years and established the iconic purple-yellow look of J2O.

But now, it’s 6 years later and displays have gotten bigger and this site has grown quite a bit too in several aspects. So, the plan is to give Jazz2Online a fresh new layout that:

  • Utilizes available screen space better
  • Allows for future new features
  • Has a consistent look across the site sections
  • Looks good!

Problem is, we don’t actually have someone in the staff with time or skills to do such a redesign at this point. So that’s why we’re turning to you, dear readers. Do you feel you’re up for this task, that you can help us make the site look better? Awesome! Let me (Stijn) know via a PM, if possible with some examples of other work you’ve done, and we can talk things through.

EDIT: The comments thread here is getting rather big; please go to the JCF thread for further discussion.


Permalink Ground Force vs. Survivor July 12th 2010

A quick reminder to everybody:
Survivor means Blurred’s Ground Force pack, while Ground Force means a gamemode developed by ET.

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Permalink New JJ2+ release July 1st 2010

Source: JCF

BlurredD has released a new version of JJ2+. As usual, there’s a long list of fixes and added features. The most important additions, though, are probably the possibilities to use multiple level exits (much more than just three!) in Single Player and Coop levels and make SP/Coop viable online modes.

Important: You need to edit your JCS.ini to be fully able to use them – check out the readme.

If you have any questions, please post them in the JCF thread.