Jazz2Online news for August 2001

Permalink Last j2s poll August 25th 2001

Go answer the questions of the very last j2s poll here and pay a last deed of respect to this great site, for after this poll there’ll be no more polls.

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Permalink All hail Bobby, Terminator and EvilMike! August 18th 2001

I thought this was just too important to not write a news post about.

Bobby, Terminator and EvilMike have come up with a concept to make team battle levels. This way you can finally do clan wars with battling.

How it works:

You play a special type of level in CTF mode, and each time you die your team gets a ctf point. This means the goal is to kill the other team, so that they die and score points for their teams. Your team wins if it has the least points of all the teams.

Check out the first released team battle level!

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Permalink News August 7th 2001

Some of this news is old, but I was away, so live with it.

Noogy uploads cinematics
Source: Monolith
Noogy has uploaded high-resolution versions of the jj2 in-game cinematics. He also uploaded a unfinished cinematic that never made it into the game.
View Noogy’s animation gallery

Noogy updates JazzJackrabbit 3 gallery (old news)
Noogy has also updated the JazzJackrabbit 3 gallery with some more info and pictures. I love the carrottus map. Maybe it can inspire you. Click here to go there.

New loricentral/hideout (old news)
Source: Haze
According to Haze, new versions of Lori Central and Haze’s Hideout are planned. He also has something to say about the shipping of TSF.. Read more

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