Jazz2Online news for September 2001

Permalink The new forum is up. September 29th 2001

We’ve finished setting up and converting the old JCF to the new one. All users have received an email with their new password(all their old passwords were lost).

We’re still have a lot of tweaking going on, so the forums are closed for now. We ask you not to do anything. I will report back in here once you are free to go.

(the old JCF was shut down by our host, for people that don’t know that.)

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Permalink Forum Situation September 29th 2001

Hey people, I’ll post this so everyone knows what is up with the error message everyone has been getting.

Technical explanation – the /forum directory has had the user and group set to root by the system administrator at communitech.net (our current host).

What this means: Well, pretty much, we can’t have a board running until we move the servers along. I called communitech.net up and they said that the forum has been denied permission because of its heavy mysql usage. Basically we had too much activity so the system administrator denied us use. This is one of the many reasons that we are soon to be moving from nagcentral.com to somewhere else. Remember to use www.jazz2online.com from now on. Also at the place we move we will be using vBulletin, instead of phpBB. vBulletin is much better.

Sorry we didn’t give a warning, but we had no idea this would happen.

Small update by Fquist: I, and especially Nebula(he does a lot of the work, give him a few cheers) are working all the time to get the JCF moved. Currently we have setup the new board. We are now working on importing the old data. The backups are so new that you’re not going to miss any posts since the board went down.

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Permalink JCF inaccessable September 28th 2001

The JCF cannot currently be accessed. We’re working on this but at the moment we cannot fix the problem.. please bear with us as we try to fix this.


Permalink The Importance of Joining as Default Team September 23rd 2001

This isn’t exactly actual NEWS, but I really think that this is something that everybody should know.

Some people like to stick to one team instead of simply chosing default. When you chose your team, you are imbalancing the teams in the ctf game (unless you were asked to switch teams), but you are also making it so teamchat will not work properly for you.

Teamchat is used by holding down shift and then pressing “t”. It is a very valuable tool on some maps and can allow your team to do things such as surround a camping flag holder. An article explaining exactly how teamchat works can be found here.

So basicly what I am saying is teamchat will work more if you join as default team. Hopefully this will have taught you something.

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Permalink Stats stuff September 22nd 2001

Whoa. It’s been ages since I’ve posted news, huh?

Anyway, I’m here to bring you the news of new stuff. A JJ2 stats system, mainly. It takes all of the roasts/deaths/flag caps/joins you do in my server, and logs them and enabled you to view them by entering your name (minus color and no colon markup) here. This was originally posted on a topic on the JCF.



Permalink JDC Season 5 Over! September 3rd 2001

Yup, JDC season 5 is over and in a few weeks we hope to start a new season. Contragulations to all the award winners (full details at the site) and everyone else who participated in making this the most active season JDC has ever had. If you wish to talk more about the new season head over to the tournament forum on the JCF and tell me what you think!

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Permalink 30.000th post on the JCF September 2nd 2001

Congratulations go to GoldBones, for posting the 30.000th post on the JCF. ;-)

This is a big small day in the history of the JCF. To many more posts!

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