The Importance of Joining as Default Team

23 Sep 2001 at 00:19
This isn’t exactly actual NEWS, but I really think that this is something that everybody should know.

Some people like to stick to one team instead of simply chosing default. When you chose your team, you are imbalancing the teams in the ctf game (unless you were asked to switch teams), but you are also making it so teamchat will not work properly for you.

Teamchat is used by holding down shift and then pressing “t”. It is a very valuable tool on some maps and can allow your team to do things such as surround a camping flag holder. An article explaining exactly how teamchat works can be found here.

So basicly what I am saying is teamchat will work more if you join as default team. Hopefully this will have taught you something.

- EvilMike


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