Jazz2Online news for October 2001

Permalink Server Lists Down October 28th 2001

The server lists have been down most of the day as everyone who has tried to play has probably noticed.

But don’t worry, iCeDs Server and the Battle Server are still up!

Battle Server IP: monolith.idlegames.com

iCeDs Server IP: genotoxin.idlegames.com

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Permalink Make your own JJ2 macros! October 27th 2001

Link has posted a nifty article about making macros(demo files) for JJ2. What are you waiting for?

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Permalink JCF Almost ready... October 27th 2001

OK, the JCF is almost ready. The Path to it is:


Anyways, the JCF just got one step closer. We got Telnet, and dumped all the original data. Expect a working message board soon ;)

UPDATE: We (Being FQuist and I) have decided that we’re going to wait until InterServer sends us our old data. There were a few problems when we released it, and we’d rather have a dump with all those changes rather then go through all the trouble to fix it again. FQuist needs a break to go spend time with his family, and that’s just as well. So, all in all, the JCF might not be here as quickly as expected, but it will be back soon, and you will not have lost anything. Hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone.

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Permalink JCF...and what's happening with it... October 24th 2001

Don’t worry, nothing bad is happening. I’m trying to put it on the server here, but I can’t get telnet access to work, so I can’t dump the 16MB file into the database.

Bobby, if you get this, get telnet activated, or tell me what I’m doing wrong ;)

Anyways, all the code is uploaded. It’s coming, just not tonight.

Also, the new posts may take a while to find their way back. I signed up with IS so that I could get everything back (I had more on that server then just the JCF you know ;)). Anyways, we’re going to release this as soon as possible. When I get my data files back, I’ll close the board for a few minutes, upload them, and put the board back online. That’s my JCF agenda.

Anyways, the JCF won’t come till Telnet works for me (or someone). Not to get your hopes up, just wanted to let you all know it was not forgotten.

BTW…Bobby, OCHosting promised Telnet access for no additional charge, just look at the plan description page. Anyways, I’m off to do homework. Algebra 1 sucks :P.

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Permalink Forget Support...It's Fixed!! October 23rd 2001

Who needs OCHosting’s Tech support anyways when we have a 14 year old PHP genius behind the scenes?? Sadly, that 14 year old PHP genius is not me, it’s JohnM. I’m a 13 year old PHP genius ;)

Anyways, the download system works, go post all the files you want. Make sure everyone that posted something after the move to reupload it using the groovy little edit script that also works right now ;)

Oh, yea, please send JohnM some thanks. His screen name is ‘JohnMiller316’ on AIM.

UPDATE: Fixed my spelling. Looks like I’m not a “genuis” after all ;)

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Permalink Uploading Files October 23rd 2001


PHP uploading functions are not enabled the tech said this could not be done

End Quote.

Well, darn… I’ll have to see what we do about our hosting, but hope isn’t totally lost.

Sales-Ranae: maybe u could tell him what you want to do
Sales-Ranae: and he would have a suggestion of what would work
End Quote.

So I sent an email suggesting what I think should fix it and I’ll see if they reply.

*** NEW NEWS – 10/23 ***

First reply from tech support people, quote:
Dear Bobby Albright,

Thank you for your email. We have escalated this issue to Level 2 Technical Support. We
will just contact you as soon as we have updates.

Best Regards,
OCHosting Technical Support
End Quote.

Back to the waiting for my next email :)

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Permalink Download System... October 22nd 2001

Hello. Please do not post any new downloads, as OCHosting is not allowing our server to take uploads. Basicially, what that means is that you can’t upload files to it. Well…you can, but it won’t take them ;)

So, until FQuist and/or Bobby work something out with OCHosting, any uploaded files will not be saved. We’re sorry, but there is nothing we can do about this.

BTW…whee…my first news post ;D

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Permalink New host October 20th 2001

We’ve moved to our new server. I’m sorry for the slow speed, but there’s something wrong with our domain registrar(the company that makes typing www.jazz2online.com work)

I thank Nebula again, for his huge help in moving us. He really did a lot of the work. Give him a few cheers.

Bobby should also be thanked for paying for our new server, and registering our it for us. And I want to thank Onag for one year of hosting on nagcentral. Even after most of his sites were down he continued to pay for the server, so our community wouldn’t cease to exist. Cheers for Nebula, Onag and Bobby. :)

There are probably some bugs. If you encounter an error, please report it. We can’t fix the errors if we don’t know where they are. :P

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Permalink Server Bought October 17th 2001

Yes, I finally got hosting with www.ochosting.com. I should recieve conformation in a few hours. Be sure to keep using www.jazz2online.com to access J2O and other sites.

-Back to homework.

Fquist says: Don’t add any new levels/uploads, as they won’t be moved to our new server!

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Permalink JCF down October 8th 2001

As to how it looks now, the jcf server was closed, maybe permanently. Nebula’s server has been frozen/turned off, because someone spammed their support system using his server.

We’ll see how this continues. :(

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Permalink Recommendation. October 7th 2001

I recommend that the users of this site do not post many new things until we are moved, as there’s a chance those things will be lost in our upcoming change of servers.

We will move to Nebula’s server. The move will hopefully take place within the upcoming week.

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Permalink New Articles October 5th 2001

We have two new articles for you to read.

The first one, by JJ Tublear, explains how to filter out bad words from jj2, in case you are one of those people who likes to say “Ahem” a lot (you know who you are ;P ).

The second article, by me, explains triggers in full detail. If you are one of those people that were a bit confused about triggers, go read my article and become even more confused. It also tells you some very usefull things about triggers, although they are also a tad complicated…

The articles can be found here and here.

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Permalink New Forums Active! October 1st 2001

Good news now people! :)
The new board has been set up, Woo! Please redirect all of your URLS to go to http://forum.jazz2online.com to get to the NEW JCF. Please when you go there do NOT reregister, but check for your email that should have your new username and password. You are able to change your password once you log in.

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